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Press Releases 05.04.2022
Cellnex and SEGULA Technologies enter a partnership to expand Private 5G Network capabilities into the Automotive Industry

Cellnex Telecom has launched its partnership with the automotive branch of SEGULA Technologies, a global engineering group specializing in full-service solutions for major industrial sectors. With this partnership, SEGULA Technologies will be able to offer its automotive customers a private 5G network at its huge proving ground in Rodgau-Dudenhofen, Germany. By joining capabilities, both companies have the ability to expand into the new era of vehicle automation and to strengthen their position as customer-focused and future-oriented solutions providers.

Deployed through its business unit EDZCOM, a market leader in Edge Connectivity, the collaboration marks a new direction for Cellnex to expand into the automotive sector and deliver a unique value proposition with optimized private 5G network capabilities to the automotive market.


As part of the collaboration, Cellnex will deploy a Private 5G Network at the test center, bringing high mobility due to very low latency, as well as a dedicated spectrum, strong security and data confidentiality. “By leveraging the network capabilities, we can provide high performance and secure connectivity to our car manufacturing customers and Tier 1 suppliers”, says Didier Pagnoux, Vice President, Electronics and Digital at SEGULA Technologies.


The automotive industry is undergoing a revolution, facing two massively disruptive transformations – digitalization and vehicle electrification. “Vehicles are becoming the new smartphones and in response, car manufacturers will require new skill sets to stay competitive. Working together with SEGULA Technologies is a win for both companies as SEGULA Technologies operates globally and is an expert in vehicle engineering and testing, while Cellnex Telecom is a specialist in 5G, providing high-performance connectivity layers,” states Eric Dieudonné, Sales Manager at Cellnex Telecom.


“Cellnex’s private 5G network established onsite our proving ground in Rodgau-Dudenhofen is the ideal option that provides the opportunity to develop autonomous driving and V2X functionality in a real environment that is secure and reliable. Adding future connectivity capabilities is essential in an industry that is becoming fully digital”, notes Dr. Holger Jené, CEO of SEGULA Technologies in Germany.


The partnership presents a valuable opportunity for Cellnex to expand into autonomous vehicles i.e., AMR, trains, ADAS and V2X. As an independent engineering full-service provider with OEM DNA, SEGULA Technologies requires fast, secure networks for the development and testing of vehicles and drives of all kinds. Cellnex fits the bill, as a close-range specialist in designing, building and operating private 5G networks.


“The most important thing to consider when investing in innovation is the potential for scalability that can be realized in the future. We must be able to scale up and we can accomplish this through our extensive expertise and experience in deploying over 40 private networks across Europe,” affirms Mikko Uusitalo, Head of Private Networks and Mission Critical at Cellnex Telecom. “At Cellnex, we sell realities. As this collaboration revolves around Automotive Industry, we can deploy successful innovations many times over. This is scalable and key to our business, which in the end benefits the whole ecosystem – Cellnex, SEGULA Technologies and customers.”


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