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Ingenious Employee 26.04.2022
Ingenious Employee: Manfred WINK, Lead Technician Preventive Maintenance Engine Test Stands in Germany

My philosophy:
“We cannot change the wind, but we can set the sails differently.” (Aristotle)


My role at SEGULA Technologies:
I work at SEGULA Technologies in Germany as a Lead Technician in predictive maintenance in the area of engine test stands.


Professional Experience:
In 1983 I started at MIP (Mainz-Industrie-Panzerwerk) and was responsible for the maintenance of district heating and steam generation plants. In 1990, I started to work for in production at that time. I had the opportunity to develop myself further and further, so that after almost 30 years of affiliation, I last worked as an employee in the maintenance of engine test stands in the development center (ITEZ). I have been with SEGULA Technologies since September 2019.


My flexibility and quick thinking have always helped me to get involved in other professions. Therefore, I have not missed the opportunities to be a test driver in Italy, Spain or even in the USA, for example, or to learn about new test bench technologies. My professional experience and my interest in finding solutions have always been very helpful to me and I am grateful that I was and still am allowed to experience so many exciting things in my professional life.


After graduating from high school, I successfully completed an apprenticeship as a plumber and installer and gained several years of experience in this profession.


My best project:
My best project is the very current one: our hydrogen test stand. Here I had the opportunity to build this test facility according to my own design together with my colleague Stefan Lachenmaier. I like new technologies and challenges – so it’s just the right project for me.


My greatest passion:
I like to immerse in new projects. True to the motto: looking for solutions and finding them.


My biggest dream:
To ride Route 66 on my motorcycle one day.


The best thing about SEGULA:
At SEGULA I can work independently and submit my ideas for approval! They are heard and honoured. This is not the case in all companies. The independent and solution-oriented work is simply fun!