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News 09.07.2021
Massimo Z. – Italy Director

Massimo Z. - Italy Director

SEGULA has been present in Italy since 2001 and includes nearly 270 people, mainly grouped on the sites of Novara, Vado Ligure and Turin, but also in Genoa, Milan, Bologna and Rome. SEGULA Italy is largely dedicated to the Rail, Automotive, as well as the Aerospace and Energy sectors.


What are your priorities for SEGULA Italy at a short, middle and long term?

My objectives are, in the short term, to strengthen SEGULA Italy’s position in its traditional commercial activities by building on the solid skills of our teams and by developing them further. In the medium to long term, to diversify our activities into high-potential market segments that are not yet fully exploited and in which we are certain we can offer key solutions to our clients.


What are the challenges that SEGULA Italy is currently facing and your strategy to develop the market?

Actually, markets are affected by the uncertainty arising from the COVID pandemic, the aftermath of the financial crisis that began in 2008 and Europe continues to remain in a stagnant state with a widespread demand crisis.

The effects are mainly manifested in the cancellation or postponement of projects that require significant and long-term investments for our clients. Fortunately, some sectors in which we are present are in full swing. I am thinking about the Energy sector in general with the possibilities offered by “decarbonisation”; electric mobility (both battery and fuel cell); the development of algorithms and software in a wide range of applications; in the use of increasingly high-performance materials. In order to overcome these challenges, I believe there are two fundamental ingredients: the ability and speed to interpret, together with the Customer, the needs of the market in order to better target the available resources and the technological content of the proposed solutions, which must certainly be of the highest quality. Furthermore, I hope that the sectors in which we operate will benefit from the recovery plan currently available to Italy with massive investments in the technological and environmental sectors.


What do you enjoy about SEGULA?

I am extremely happy to have joined the SEGULA Group and especially the Italy Team where I was able, in a very short time, to meet people of the highest level humanly and professionally. It will be mine to create the conditions in which SEGULA is able to “ground” the potential it has in-house to position itself in the best possible way on the market.


What do you see as SEGULA Italy’s strengths?

We have an extremely important heritage in the Automotive, Rail and Aerospace & Defence sectors where we work with the major players at national and international level. We are also developing innovative solutions in the Energy, Naval and Bio-Medical fields, building our references day after day and offering solid and reliable skills. We believe in hard work, customer focus and the enthusiasm we put into everything we do.