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Extensive testing and validation capabilities on our roller test benches

Roller test benches

SEGULA Technologies owns a large number of modern exhaust roller dynamometers to offer car manufacturers emission and range tests for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles according to global requirements.


In doing so, we fully support our customers to successfully meet the enormous requirements in the automotive industry in terms of exhaust emissions, fuel consumption and electric range.


Our highly qualified team has many years of experience and expertise on the exhaust roller dynamometer and ensures reproducible, process- and law-oriented execution of the measurements.


Several air-conditioned all-wheel drive test benches (e.g. the altitude climatic test bench for all-wheel drive vehicles, equipped with the latest measurement technology for recording the charge balance) in conjunction with a large and modern workshop enable the laboratory to offer the complete spectrum of testing, engineering, consulting and homologation for both conventional and new drive concepts.

In addition, the test center includes roller dynamometers for vehicle endurance testing.




Exhaust roller dynamometers

  • 1 AWD altitude climate chamber including emission measurement (CVS & 3 modal lines from -275 m to +5000 m / -30 °C to +50 °C)
  • 3 AWD climatic exhaust roller test benches (1x with sun simulation according to SC03 & AC17)
  • 1 FWD A/C exhaust roller dynamometer with running loss/point source capability
  • 2 FWD functional roller (1x climate)
  • 2 AWD and 5 FWD standard 23 °C


  • Temperatures from -30 °C to +50 °C possible
  • 48″ Dynos 2WD & 4WD with gradient simulation
  • Speed-dependent air blower up to 160 km/h
  • SOAK range for up to 200 vehicles and up to 10 different temperature zones
  • WLTP driving resistance determination according to the wind tunnel method incl. authority
  • Up to 200 kW per axle, 250 km/h, 6700 Nm, 5448 kg mass simulation, 4500 kg axle load
  • Chamber sizes for vehicle heights up to approx. 2.8 m and vehicle lengths up to approx. 7 m
  • Euro 6d temp. compliant development, homologation & COP/IUC


Roller dynamometers endurance test

  • 2x FWD and 1x AWD endurance test bench
  • Driving robot and automated refueling
  • Vehicle speed up to 260 km/h
  • Power up to 260 kW per axle
  • Fuel supply (1 per test bench)
  • Vehicle mounting with Bleyer system
  • Autopilot: WITT/FA2000 for AT & MT transmission
  • CAN interface, imc CANSAS
  • Automation system Xone