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Environmental Policy – SEGULA Technologies



SEGULA Technologies´ top management is commited to the respect and improvement of the environment. This Policy is defined as the framework to carry out our activities and services.


These are the objectives that we commit ourselves to:

  • Integrate environmental aspects adequate to our activities in all areas of our management, endeavouring to promote a continuous improvement of our environmental behavior through the establishment of objectives.
  • Watch over to guarantee compliance with all legal standards for environmental protection and other requirements to which SEGULA subscribes voluntarily
  • Promote the efficient use of natural resources, developing habits of rational use among our collaborators, and promoting whenever possible the use of technologies respectful with the environment:
    • We will promote energy efficiency
    • We will minimise waste generation
    • We will prioritise at all times prevention of pollution over its correction.
    • We will prioritise reusing and recycling the material that we generate in our activity.
  • Support initiatives to prevent, mitigate and adapt to the climate change,
  • Provide our employees with the necessary training to respect the environment in the development of their daily work.
  • Contribute to the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Environmental Management System and its processes.


We make this Policy available to all our collaborators, clients and suppliers in order to achieve, among all of us, a better protection and respect for the environment.





Albert Nacinovic

SEGULA Spain General Manager, February 2021


Environmental Policy - SEGULA Technologies