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R&I : The DNA of our group

As a leading engineering firm, SEGULA Technologies puts innovation at the heart of its strategy. The Group's many Research & Innovation projects focus on the future industrial issues of its customers: from connected vehicles, 3D printing and augmented reality to the Plant of the Future, 180 projects are conducted each year to try and make these technologies an industrial reality.

In partnership with well-known companies, competitiveness clusters, major universities and research centres, SEGULA Technologies sets up large-scale collaborative projects, going as far as the creation of prototypes, which are subjected to a comprehensive range of tests.

Recent innovative projects that have called upon the expertise and ingenuity of the Group's R&I engineers include:

  • E-Sense, an interface designed to enable you to control your vehicle's dashboard from your tablet.
  • The EF01, the fastest 100% electric F3 in the world, at the origin of the Formula E championship.
  • Hagora, an in-house Research & Innovation programme that crystallises, in the form of a vehicle, serious reflection on what tomorrow’s car might be.
  • Green Deliriver, a barge that runs on biogas and electricity and incorporates technologies for smart goods management. Its hybrid engine, photovoltaic panels, optimum energy management and an innovative propulsion system make the barge environmentally friendly. It switches to “full electric” mode in cities to significantly reduce CO2 emissions. This project also includes an independent “last mile” module that takes elimination of city centre congestion, reduction of CO2 emissions and noise pollution into account…
  • The standalone offshore wind turbine, a medium-power floating wind turbine that can operate in complete autonomy, thus representing a continuous and mobile source of electrical energy.
  • REMORA, an innovative system for storing electrical energy at sea with the aim of absorbing excess electricity production and releasing it during low production periods, at region or country level, through the electrical networks
  • Urban Starc, A technology which reduces C02 emissions and optimises vehicle thermal energy.
  • Atlas - Autonomous industrial drone, A technology which replaces traditional assembly lines.



But also, Hagora, an hybrid concept-car, combining ecology, performance and aesthetics.

Hagora is an overview of what could be tomorrow’s automobile industry.


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