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The world of tomorrow is being built today

Marketable solutions at the cutting edge of innovation

From exploring new areas of research to developing products, equipment and works, SEGULA’s ability to offer solutions that are innovative, marketable and competitive is demonstrated in each of our actions. In every area of expertise, we provide a consistent supply of innovative solutions by drawing on:

  • Our Research and Innovation (R&I) teams: R&I plays a major role in SEGULA’s growth strategy and is an integral part of our organisation. Each year, our R&I teams work on over 200 innovation projects and are responsible for around twenty theses.
  • The effectiveness of our organisation: In order to truly understand our clients, we remain in close geographical proximity to them. This also enables us to collaborate with SMEs, start-ups, laboratories and competitiveness clusters for greater cross-fertilisation and creativity.
  • Our engineers’ talent: Motivated and passionate, our engineers benefit from continuous training, allowing us to remain at the forefront of expertise in our various areas of activity.

Our open innovation projects: We are extending our alliances and large-scale collaborations with renowned clients and partners in order to capitalise on new synergies and thus innovate at a faster pace.

200+ innovation projects
20+ theses underway
30 partner laboratories
10 collaborative industrial projects


Since protecting the environment is everyone’s responsibility, we are determined to use our creativity to encourage industrial development that is more environmentally-friendly, and to assist our clients in complying with the environmental standards that concern them. Designing innovative, low-carbon composite materials, creating electric vehicles and non-polluting logistics solutions, developing renewable energy storage solutions, conceptualising the public transport of the future, saving raw materials through 3D printing... these are the kinds of projects we are working on today.

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Connected, autonomous mobility

Connected, driverless, more environmentally-friendly... the vehicles of tomorrow represent multiple challenges in terms of security and adapting to our environment. That’s why our engineers are working on areas such as obstacle detection (for obstacles such as pedestrians, barriers and kerbs), data fusion enabling better integration into the urban ecosystem, and research into increasing the speed of autonomous shuttles.

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Tools and advanced methods

SEGULA Technologies has wide-ranging expertise in the development of prediction tools and simulation models for physical phenomena – solutions that are particularly useful for maintenance.

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Data Engineering

The use of new technologies produces digital data in the millions – in other words, big data. With its comprehensive, modular smart data solution, SEGULA extracts the most relevant and usable data from big data in order to create decision aid tools such as data analysis, massive data infrastructures, predictive maintenance, anomaly detection and assistance via artificial intelligence. These solutions can be applied to numerous areas, from design and distribution to maintenance and production. Our added value lies primarily in our detailed knowledge of business lines and procedures, combined with a complete guarantee of data confidentiality thanks to the creation of work areas dedicated to our clients.

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SEGULA Technologies is developing more and more innovations in the service of health, always drawing on its engineering expertise, such as digital simulation, 3D printing, robotics and data processing. Thanks to these technologies, we can, for example, prevent the potential risks of road and air accidents, detect traumas appearing after an accident, provide practitioners with kits to train before an operation or enable the repair of diseased arteries... To do this, we are closely interested in the functioning of the human body subjected to different situations, the composition of its cells, and cardiovascular diseases which represent the leading cause of death in the world.

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Weight reduction / New materials

SEGULA Technologies seeks to constantly further its progress in terms of weight reduction for parts and materials, as mass reduction has a direct impact on consumption and on the environment. For instance, we are currently working on the development of innovative alloys and composite and organically-sourced materials, and on reducing the weight of train structures and car components.

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Industry 4.0

We seek to facilitate the industry’s digital transformation, primarily through optimising our clients’ processes. By capitalising on our demonstrated industrial expertise and on our ability to identify the best technological solutions, we develop digital solutions based on augmented reality, 3D printing, 3D scanning and artificial intelligence whose areas of application are particularly suited to industrial environments.

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