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Corporate social responsibility

Our CSR commitments

Our CSR commitments

Determined to have a positive impact on the major environmental and social challenges of our time, SEGULA Technologies is strengthening its CSR actions and evaluating them annually. This is evidenced by our current contribution to 12 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set out in the United Nations 2030 Agenda.



Our CSR strategy is based on three challenges:


  • Valuing our associates and offering them a fulfilling work environment
  • Contributing to the challenges of society
  • Participating in building a sustainable world

We are determined to change things and have identified three major priorities for the coming years: protecting the environment, encouraging gender diversity and facilitating the inclusion of people with disabilities.

Protecting the environment

This starts with controlling our environmental impact, for example by reducing our energy consumption at our various sites. As a priority, our teams are utilizing innovation and research to develop a sustainable future and a low-carbon industry. We seek to control our own greenhouse gas emissions, and we contribute to making the world better with our high value-added technology projects. Our engineers are working on many initiatives to reduce pollution and encourage new energies, such as hydrogen.


« Tous les collaborateurs de Segula se mobilisent pour en faire une organisation innovante et responsable. »


Encouraging gender balance in the engineering sector

SEGULA has for many years supported the Group’s gender diversity policy, as well as the Elles Bougent association, which encourages female high school and university students to consider careers in the scientific and technological sectors: our female mentors (women engineers, technicians or those with scientific training) regularly speak at schools and events to present their professions and explain their careers.

In 2020 we created the WINS network (Women International Network at SEGULA). This is an opportunity to discuss the recruitment of women, employability, internal promotion, mobility and career paths to positions of increased responsibility.  This is accomplished through Webinars, presentations by women with inspiring backgrounds, mentoring programmes, and increasing our awareness-raising activities.


Discover the Gender Equality Index and testimonials from our employees. ↗


Facilitating the inclusion of people with disabilities

At SEGULA, we want to be able to support all employees with disabilities and their specific needs.

In the context of recruitment, our offers are open to applicants who declare they have a disability. For equal skills, applications from people with disabilities will be given priority.

The Group has also appointed Disability Advisors who are available to employees who wish to come forward and receive support.

Finally, Employer Brand actions are planned each year and are based on awareness-raising workshops, and workshops on internal communication with external disability experts


A daily commitment

SEGULA is committed to and provides a platform to our employees to enable them to be involved in social and environmental actions.. We accomplish this through ideation competitions and we challenge everyone to imagine solutions to create a better world.

To stay the course and judge our CSR performance, we constantly refer to the SDGs and the Global Reporting Index indicators. This guarantees a reliable method and a clear framework for all our policies. Our CSR approach is transparently assessed by the independent organisation ECOVADIS.