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Accelerating decarbonisation for a greener rail transport.

SEGULA Technologies works with key players of the value chain in the rail sector all over the world. When developing products, infrastructures and services, we are involved throughout the project development cycle (from definition to launch) and the product life cycle (from design to maintenance, upgrades and refurbishment).


Forward-looking engineering for improved mobility and intermodality.

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Our expertise

Increasing the attractiveness of rail.

SEGULA Technologies' expert teams support manufacturers, operators as well as infrastructure companies and suppliers around the world in making rail more attractive for passengers and freight transport. In the areas of rail development, signalling and industrialisation, we take on complex projects and develop high-quality system technology that meets the latest safety, health and environmental standards and have a positive impact on our customer’s eco-balance. We cover the entire product development and life cycle - from design, simulation, software and hardware development, through testing and validation, homologation and commissioning, to vehicle and system maintenance. Our agile and customer-oriented structures enable companies and suppliers to benefit from our innovations.
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Rolling stock

Attractive design, high safety standards and alternative propulsion systems.

In the field of rolling stock, we create attractive and efficient exterior designs and interiors for new and existing vehicle fleets. In this way, we increase the attractiveness of travelling by metro, tram, suburban and regional railway or long-distance train as well as the passenger comfort – and all this while maintaining the highest safety standards.
In addition, our solutions increase capacity utilisation and we are working intensively on alternative propulsion systems for rail transport in order to contribute to decarbonisation in this industry.




  • Styling and design (interior, exterior)
  • System and vehicle architecture
  • Calculation & Simulation (HIL, SIL, AR/VR)
  • Hardware and software development
  • Testing, validation & certification
  • Homologation, commissioning & maintenance
  • TCMS (Train Control and Monitoring System), PI&AS
  • RAMS (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, Safety)
  • Autonomous driving and driver assistance systems
  • Project management, documentation, supplier management
  • TCMS (Train Control and Monitoring System)

Signalling technology

Safer and more efficient communication between vehicle, infrastructure and environment.

Whether local or long-distance traffic, whether national or international – our experts support the development, inspection and maintenance of solutions for all aspects of signalling technology. In Europe, the ETCS (European Train Control System) plays an important role.




  • Architecture development of the systems and subsystems
  • ETCS: development and integration on the line and vehicle side
  • RAMS (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, Safety)
  • Cyber Security


Environmentally friendly, safe and cost-efficient.

With our knowledge as well as our experience, we accompany manufacturers and operators of the railway industry with optimal and flexible production processes and facilities. In addition, we ensure the proper maintenance of rolling stock, facilities and infrastructure for rail transport.




  • Plant and tool development as well as plant and tool construction
  • Process development, optimisation and monitoring
  • Execution supervision
  • Logistics, component procurement and supplier management
  • Industry 4.0( 3D printing)
  • Studies
  • Project management

A high level of quality and requirements.