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Electric vehicles

5 reasons to work with SEGULA Technologies

Reason 1: Long experience in electric mobility

While electric vehicles have enjoyed undeniable commercial success in recent years, SEGULA Technologies did not wait for this recent craze to explore the world of electric mobility. Our group has been present in this market since the 1990s, and has strengthened its position in recent years by taking over the design and engineering office of Matra Automobile Engineering (January 2009), and then part of the Opel Research and Development centre (September 2019). This pioneering spirit has enabled SEGULA Technologies to be involved in the design of all the electric cars marketed by French carmakers in recent years, as well as in numerous programmes of major international carmakers, whether they be models with 100% electric or hybrid engines. It should be noted that SEGULA Technologies’ long experience in electric mobility is not limited to four-wheeled cars, but also to other types of vehicles (trucks, buses, railways, ships, etc.).



Reason 2: State-of-the-art expertise and infrastructure

With its long experience in the electric car market, SEGULA Technologies now masters the design and integration of all the elements of an electric drive train: motors, gearboxes, batteries, converters, chargers, as well as hardware and software, and finally thermal management. This know-how is combined with the possession of state-of-the-art infrastructures that allow our teams to be autonomous in the simulation and experimentation phases. These include our test and validation facilities in Ruesselsheim (Germany) and our test centre in Rodgau-Dudenhofen. We test complete vehicles, powertrains, electric drivetrains, fuel cell systems and components at these locations. In this way, we guarantee manufacturers innovative, robust and proven solutions for their future electrically driven models.



Reason 3: Tailor-made support

From the drafting of specifications through to industrialisation, our teams are able to support our clients throughout all the design phases of their electric vehicle projects. SEGULA Technologies is thus able to take charge of the development of an entire electric powertrain based on data and requirements provided by its client. For an ultra-specialised group as well as for a major manufacturer, we have the technical and human resources required for all projects and players in the electric mobility market.



Reason 4: A logic of eco-design

Today, electric propulsion is no longer enough to guarantee the durability of a vehicle. In order to fulfil this promise, manufacturers must offer a more environmentally friendly design for their new models. This responsible approach must take into account the entire life cycle of the vehicle. At SEGULA Technologies we want to rethink design and manufacturing methods to encourage the dismantling and therefore the recycling of vehicles at the end of their life. For example, we want to make it easier to reuse batteries for after-sales use, for a second life as a stationary energy storage tool, or to allow for better recycling of the metals and elements contained in electric motors and batteries when the vehicle is dismantled.



Reason 5: A passion for innovation

At a time when increasingly stringent regulations are being applied to combustion engine vehicles, the electric powertrain is now a must for manufacturers. Nevertheless, this mode of propulsion still has a significant margin for technological progress (battery chemistry, energy efficiency, carbon impact, etc.). Not to mention the emergence of the fuel cell, which is now beginning to be used in heavy mobility, such as industrial vehicles and rail transport. So there are still many challenges to be met in this market! Inventing the electric propulsion of tomorrow is a race in which SEGULA Technologies’ teams are fully engaged.