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ATR Aircraft

On-site provision of services for the production of commercial aircraft

We are constantly developing our offer to meet the ever more demanding requirements of the big names in Aerospace and Defence.

Background and challenges


After 3 complex years linked to the Covid-19 pandemic and a shortage of raw materials, the Franco-Italian aircraft manufacturer ATR (Avions de Transport Régional) Aircraft is in the process of returning to growth. It is on the right track, with production set to reach 25 aircraft by 2022 and a forecast to almost double that number by 2023.
To support this increase in production rate, ATR Aircraft was looking for an additional partner to help it fit out the aircraft cabins. This is all the more complex given the continuing tensions in the supply chain (equipment, materials, components) and the fact that the aeronautics sector suffered a major setback during the health crisis. Everything had to be redone!
Faced with these difficulties, ATR Aircraft chose SEGULA Technologies for its ability to breathe new life into its production services business and find a technical solution.


The issues


  • ATR Aircraft was looking for a service provider in addition to its usual supplier to absorb the increase in factory output and ensure on-time deliveries.
  • The aircraft manufacturer was looking for a fresh look at an aircraft that it had been operating for many years, to be a source of ideas for improving processes and product implementation, reducing the amount of work remaining to be done, and so on.
  • ATR needed to take stock of the situation in order to initiate changes in design and engineering, and to put in place performance indicators, etc.
  • The customer wanted to review handling, assembly, packaging and transport practices for certain parts, to avoid the risks of non-compliance and breakage.

"After the Covid crisis, the entire aeronautics sector is growing, creating very high pressure on all service providers to keep up with increased production rates. We came in with a fresh perspective on the business and wanted to build a close relationship with our customer. We decided to specialise in a single type of service, without spreading ourselves too thin, while still benefiting from the SEGULA Technologies Group's teams in terms of recruitment, research, quality assurance, etc. The client was reassured."

Julien Sorroche – Business Unit Production Manager SEGULA Technologies.

Our missions


  • Recruitment of skills in fitting out ATR aircraft cabins, without poaching professionals from the competition.
  • In production, operators assemble cabin components: floor carpets, light paths, seats, door skins, partitions, panels, ceilings, baggage doors and oxygen mask equipment.
  • In the inspection department, quality inspectors check the correct assembly of equipment, give their approval to procedures and accompany customer visits during all phases of cabin assembly. They are the guarantors of assembly conformity.
  • Continuous process improvement, supported by SEGULA Technologies’ tooling design office in Toulouse.
  • Work package management with a commitment to results.


Key figures


1 team of employees recruited to work on the customer’s site: cabin integrators, quality specialists and managers

1 forecast of 12 aircraft managed under full responsibility in 2023, for the first year of collaboration


Benefits for the customer


  • Additional, responsive and qualified support: the teams have a minimum of 3 to 4 years’ experience.
  • The opportunity to carry out a full-scale test with competent, committed teams.
  • Autonomous resources to meet delivery targets and satisfy orders.
  • Continuous improvement in operations, with the aim of accelerating activity by SEGULA Technologies’ teams.
  • A fresh look at the business, to optimise assembly procedures and production resources.