Factory of the Future


Factory of the future, factory 4.0, fourth industrial revolution: there are many names for modernising companies’ production systems with new technologies. Robotics, virtual or augmented reality, sensors and software networks, data processing and other digital technologies are reinventing industry to become more agile and flexible and meet new requirements for environmental and social responsibility.

Impression 3D
3D printing

3D printing or additive manufacturing offers great potential for reducing production time, cutting costs and customising products. In aerospace and defence, SEGULA Technologies has already developed a pressurised helium tank for launch vehicles.

A functional analysis and iterations in design and calculations resulted in a more compact and lighter system reducing mass by 25%. In oil & gas, the group is currently designing spare parts for oil refineries.

In addition to our expertise in additive manufacturing, we provide our customers with an industrial culture and a broad vision of engineering to create global offers with a wide range of 3D printing techniques, machinery, and materials available.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality has many applications for industry. It allows for advances in risk prevention and helps operators to understand their machines.

For example, SEGULA Technologies uses augmented reality on its aeronautical production lines via a device that gives operators all the information they need in the right place and at the right time, while a real-time alert system helps them stay safe.

The group also uses augmented reality in complex industrial maintenance and quality control operations, making considerable gains in productivity and performance.


Robotics is at the heart of the Factory of the Future, minimising difficult tasks and helping operators assemble complex systems. We have designed ATLAS, an autonomous industrial drone that replaces traditional assembly lines, so our clients can improve agility and productivity. By optimising their production tool’s flexibility, ATLAS encourages energy efficiency and better stock management.

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We are acutely aware that our engineers can play an important role in shaping the world of tomorrow. As such, our group is particularly focused on 6 areas :


  • Industry 4.0
  • Connected, autonomous mobility
  • Environment
  • Tools and advanced methods
  • Weight reduction / New materials
  • Data Engineering




Connected driving and health

  • Car2Car
  • Gesture commands
  • Connected health
  • Pedestrian detection

Energy efficiency

  • Urban Starc
  • Green Deliriver
  • Remora