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Testimony 26.11.2021
Career inspiration: discover the experience Hervé

Philosophy of life
One must always have the courage to be oneself and pursue your dreams despite the trials of life. This is the only way to be sure to move forward, both in the professional and personal spheres.


Position at SEGULA Technologies
I am a Rolling End Synthesis Technician at SEGULA in France in the automotive sector.
My work consists of controlling and guaranteeing the respect of the quality of the rolling department activities.


Professional Experience
I have been working in the field of automotive manufacturing and design for over 20 years.
I’ve been able to experience three facets of the automotive industry: manufacturing, design of assembly and fitting facilities, engineering and testing expertise for manufacturers.
It also allowed me to broaden my experience and knowledge, but also to establish links with colleagues with whom I still maintain good relations today.


I obtained a diploma in industrial maintenance at the UIMM of Franche-Comté.
My various experiences in the automotive sector have allowed me to broaden my skills, my knowledge and to train continuously.


Major project
I am fully committed to each project I have worked on. They have all brought me a lot, but it is finally the fact of changing my field, of changing my habits and my working methods that remains my greatest challenge.


When I’m not working, I spend time on my 2 main hobbies:
Music: I love discovering new artists of all styles. My favorite artist at the moment? I would have to say Ed Sheeran.
Cycling: I practice mountain biking. Like music, it allows me to fight illness and to always have a positive attitude.


I suffer from facial vascular algesia, a syndrome characterized by the repetition of acute pain, similar to jackhammer blows from the head to the lower back, and sensations of facial paralysis.
To treat the disease, since April I have been equipped with a neuro-stimulator, implanted in the upper neck and connected to the occipital nerves, which allows me to reduce the frequency of attacks. If an attack persists, I also have the possibility of injecting a syringe of Sumatriptan to calm the pain.

To help me cope with my disability, SEGULA and Pôle Emploi have studied the implementation of an ergonomic workstation so that I can work in the best possible conditions.
In concrete terms, I have a specific ergonomic chair, a double screen, a remote keyboard and a roller mouse that allow me to maintain an ideal posture in order to avoid any tension in my neck.

Currently, we are also developing a similar workstation for remote work.


Seeing further into the future
My ambition is to continue to develop my skills and knowledge professionally speaking but also as a person in order to better understand life, but especially disability.


The + at SEGULA Technologies
Working at SEGULA has allowed me to get to know many colleagues, all of whom are involved in interesting projects, and with whom I regularly exchange ideas and experiences. I also see the company’s investment in growth, training, and disability, because, in addition to the commitment of each individual, professional development is what brings us all added value and motivation.