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Ingenious Employee 25.06.2019
Ingenious Employee : Matthieu MARY

Find, each month, the portrait of one of our collaborators. The opportunity to discover the variety of our business sectors and professions of our Ingenious Employees all over the world !

SEGULA Technologies acquired Activetech, a French company specialising in plastics processing, on 19 July 2018. Activetech employs 84 people. Read our press release on the acquisition:


INNGENIOUS: Matthieu Mary, study coordinator for Household Appliance and R&I projects

My philosophy: “make the most out of life every day.”


My role at Segula Technologies:

 I’m a study coordinator for Household Appliance and R&I (Research & Innovation) projects.

I interact with customers a lot, and work with them directly. I’m constantly on the lookout for ideas and innovations. In particular, I work on developing Groupe SEB products across all of their product sectors.


Professional experience:

I’ve been working at Activetech since the beginning of my career, so since 2005.



I started with a vocational baccalaureate in Material Tooling and Forming, then a BTS advanced technician’s certificate in Plastic Injection Tooling Design and Production, and finally, I took a Project Management course at ISMO (Institut Supérieur du Moule d’Alençon).


 My biggest project:

I’ve worked on a lot of very interesting projects – unfortunately, however, most of them are confidential so I can’t talk about as many as I would like. But one project that was key for me was the development of the Rowenta 360 upright vacuum cleaner.

It took a lot of research and development in terms of its kinematics and mechanisms.

I was closely involved in these developments and it’s nice to see the product being advertised on TV at the moment.


 My greatest passion:

Spending time with my family, travelling, cooking, motor racing, and keeping up with the latest football news.


 My biggest dream:

I was lucky enough to achieve my biggest dream of visiting Japan. Now I’m planning to go to Brazil one day.


The best thing about life at Segula:

At Activetech, we’ve always had a good working environment with our colleagues, and I think that’s what I enjoy the most.