Ingenious Employee

Ingenious Employee: Sébastien Degouy


My philosophy:
Imagination is more important than knowledge. (Albert Einstein)

My role at SEGULA Technologies:
For 3 years now, I’m a robotics pilot, i.e. I coordinate the robotic actions of a project. This extends from the end of the study phase with the expression of off-line programming needs to the phase of line reception by the customer. During this time I must ensure that the project’s quality, cost, deadline and performance objectives are met. I participate in the planning of robotic actions, receive input data and equipment, coordinate the work of the robotic team, monitor indicators and ensure that the deliverables are delivered on time.

Professional experience:
During my professional degree in Automation and Industrial Robotics, I did my apprenticeship in robotics at Actemium for one year. I joined SEGULA in 2008 as a robotician until 2013 before becoming a Medium Industrial Account Manager working for Renault in Flins for four years. Since 2017, I have been a robotics pilot on PSA projects in Chartres-de-Bretagne (France).

After my baccalaureate in Mechanical and Production Engineering, I pursued my studies towards a BTS in Mechanics and Industrial Automation. I then specialized myself in robotics by following a professional degree in Automation and Industrial Robotics.

My best project:
During the 4 years I spent as a Middle Industrial Business Manager, I have participated in the integration of the Nissan Micra at the Flins plant. It was a particularly rewarding project, because in addition to the fact that it was the first Nissan vehicle to be produced in a Renault plant with the economic stakes involved, it highlighted the best of two very different cultures: Japanese rigour and French efficiency. I think there is always a lot to learn from other cultures.

My greatest passion:
I love to practice sand yachting, a sport of speed and sensation but without pollution.

My biggest dream:
Participate in the creation of the factory of tomorrow: a much cleaner, more flexible, more accessible factory. Today, we realize that there is a paradox between the vehicles produced, which tend to be more ecological, and a manufacturing process that does not respect this trend. I think the two are not incompatible. . I think that the two are not incompatible. We just need to adapt factories, to make them less dependent on the products manufactured, more competitive. This requires flexibility by simplifying integration, by creating identical production lines from one factory to another. If everything is well thought from the beginning, it will no longer be necessary to reinvent everything with each new project.

The best thing at SEGULA:
SEGULA attaches great importance to employee innovation. It’s quite rewarding to see that behind every idea, something can become reality. In 2019, I also took part in the first edition of the Disrupt 2030 innovation competition on the themes of mobility, health, energy and the factory. I won the 2nd place by proposing an innovative robotic integration. This competition calls on everyone’s inventiveness and ingenuity to design innovative technological solutions. I encourage all employees to participate in the second edition on the theme “Imagine the world according to Covid-19”.