Ingenious Employee

Ismail Karali, Mechanical Engineer

Ismail Karali, Mechanical Engineer

Ingenious Employee: Ismail Karali, Mechanical Engineer

“Any technical knowledge that is not converted into practice is somewhere between right and wrong.” – El-Cezeri

Role at SEGULA Technologies
I’m a Mechanical Engineer working in the Defence sector at SEGULA Technologies in Turkey. I work as a consultant at FNSS which is a well-known company for infantry vehicles. My role includes various tasks such as 3D CAD parts and mechanical systems modeling, technical drawings, manufacturing processes and verification.

Work experience
I have more than 12 year-experience in different sectors in Turkey: EMT Industrial Machine Design, Alfa Beta Manufacturing, Kaltest Test and Lab Equipment, Digitest Defence and Aviation and Katmerciler Defence Industry. In those companies, I have had the opportunity to work on:
– The design and production of automatic bar feedings and turning machines
– The production of various components used for defence industry
– The design and production of test and lab equipment
– The design and production of various electronic and mechanical components of battle tanks, multi-launcher rocket systems, etc.
– The design and production of remote controlled systems for the Turkish Police
Additionally, I have worked as a freelance designer for various other projects.

I studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Selcuk in Konya. During my training, I have gone to great lengths to gain practical knowledge. I have learnt to use CAD modeling in CATIA, Solid Works, AutoDesk Inventor, Alibre Design, AutoCad softwares and CAM in Edge Cam, Solid I-Machining Cam softwares. And I have learnt to use Adobe Photoshop – just for fun!

+ greatest projects
My Greatest Project was a CNC Turning Machine. That was the very first real design of my professional life. So I learnt to get over many engineering issues. Today, I can imagine and design more complex and intricate machines.

+ greatest dream
Professionally speaking and as a Turkish Citizen, my greatest dream is to be involved in projects which give me the opportunity to design and manufacture high value components for the Turkish Industry.
Personally speaking, my greatest dream would be to live a quiet life – away from stress and technology and surounded by nature – when I am retired.

+ at SEGULA Technologies
In my humble opinion, SEGULA Technologies will soon become a major engineering consulting company in the Turkısh defence sector – because the employees are expert and talented engineers in many different fields!