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Ingenious Employee 28.04.2021
Maurizio C. – Software engineer

Maurizio C. - Software engineer

My philosophy:   

Do, or do not. There is not try.” Yoda 
Sometimes the word “try” is an excuse, an excuse that you are not committing yourself to the task. A positive action begins from positive thoughts and positive thoughts follow positive attitude.


My role at SEGULA Technologies:  

I am a software engineer at SEGULA Technologies in the field of avionics and embedded software. Currently, I am working for major aerospace and defence company as software developer and as verification and validation software engineer, depending on the customer’s need. 


My professional experience:   

After my graduation as Aerospace Engineer (Politecnico Milano in 2007), I focused on critical software. I have worked in many aerospace engineering projects in Aerospace and Defence Industry: from full mission flight simulator to flight control system of helicopters. In general, aerospace industry is conservative and careful; it is not the fastest adopter of new technology or the fastest new software implementation. The main concern is the reliability, understandable when you are flying a plane filled of travellers. 


My best project in SEGULA:  

Currently, I am working on the software of an on-board equipment of an European fighter. This project is several decades old, it is huge (tens of thousands lines of code) but every day my team and I analyze hours of flight data, create new proof of concepts and develop new functions. Finally in this project I summarize my experience as software engineer and my knowledge on aerospace environment as aerospace engineer. 


My greatest passion:  

I am a space enthusiastic: rockets, probes, rovers, planetary science and I am an avid astronomy learner. 


My biggest dream:  

To be part of the New Space Race. The New Space Economy will create new opportunities in private sector in innovation, exploring, researching, understanding and utilizing space.  


The best thing at SEGULA: 

Its employees: the diversity, the different points of view, the passion and the dedication of each one to make the customers fully satisfied. In my opinion, the strength of the employees is the best and most powerful tool for a company.


Why do you recommend to join at SEGULA? 

In my experience, the employee/management relationship is a crucial element and in SEGULA I find trust and confidence.