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Ingenious Employee 29.11.2021
Pedro S. – Civil Engineer

My philosophy:

Viva la vida.

My role at SEGULA Technologies:

I am a civil engineer for SEGULA Brazil. I am currently working on a SHP (Small Hydroelectric Plant) project as a construction manager. I manage this project, including the monitoring of the activities carried out in the field.

Professional experience:

During my career, I have had the opportunity to work on different projects and for different sectors. I have mainly worked on infrastructure projects such as airports, highways and hospitals, but I have also worked on agro-industrial projects, building construction… I have even worked in a technology start-up. My skills are very much focused on the area of management, planning and costs.


I have a degree in civil engineering with a specialization in project management.

My best project:

I have been involved in many very interesting and complex projects. I would say that the one I’m working on currently – the Small Hydroelectric Power Plant – has a huge impact on my career. Indeed, in order to achieve the goal of re-commissioning this plant, I have to face many challenges and I am learning a lot new things.

My greatest passion:

I am passionate about travelling, discovering new places and experiences, people and cultures. Although currently I haven’t had much time and it’s not the best circumstances to do it, I will resume this passion as soon as possible.

My biggest dream:

Aligning my passion with my career, working in different places, discovering different cultures, people and experiences.

The best thing at SEGULA:

One of the things that impresses me most about SEGULA is the wide variety of business areas, offering learning opportunities in different sectors, in addition to its presence in several countries and long-term relationships with clients.