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Press Releases 24.04.2023
SEGULA Technologies expands its wind energy engineering operations to Denmark

- Global engineering group SEGULA Technologies has launched operations in Denmark to bring its expertise in wind energy to Northern Europe.

- The group will offer a range of engineering services, including product design, systems integration, and supply chain support to international clients developing wind turbine constructions and offshore power plants in the North Sea and Baltic Sea.

SEGULA Technologies, a global engineering group strongly committed to the sustainable energy transition, has started its operations in Denmark to support its clients in the renewable energy sector, particularly wind energy. With this strategic move, the Group will extend its wind energy expertise to Northern Europe


Denmark is one of the pioneers in green energy and is positioning itself to play a significant role in delivering some of the 300GW offshore wind target for the North Sea. SEGULA has strong track record in wind energy, particularly in Spain, and is settling in Denmark to support its clients there.  


To succeed in Denmark, SEGULA Technologies can rely on many assets. Thanks to its global footprint, the Group has a big international talent network and a broad experience. SEGULA Denmark will thus benefit from connections with the Group’s centres of excellence in wind energy located in Spain, France, Germany, Sweden and the UK. 


SEGULA Technologies will provide support to its international clients who want to develop their wind turbine constructions and build offshore power plants in the North Sea and Baltic Sea. The Group offers them a broad range of services including product design, mechanical and electrical engineering, systems integration, CAE software development and supply chain.  


Denmark is an important market for SEGULA, and we are excited to expand our operations here,” said Noreen Howat Group Energy director at SEGULA. “We see great opportunities in the renewable energy sector, particularly in wind energy, and we are committed to providing our clients with the best-in-class engineering solutions.” 


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