SEGULA Technologies contributes to the development and industrialization of Renault’s Megane phase 2, and of its PHEV versions


The teams of the Automotive Department of SEGULA Technologies France and SEGULA Spain are proud to participate in such a large-scale project.

The project started in March 2017, and includes the restyling of all versions of the Megane (modification of the visual aspect) and the implementation of the PHEV (Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicle) on the Hatchback and Sedan versions:

  • Megane phase 2 – Sedan and Hatchback versions
  • Rechargeable Hybrid Hatchback Megane
  • Rechargeable Hybrid Sedan Megane

This 3-in-1 service is part of a Workpackage, the first of its kind entrusted by Renault to SEGULA. It is a contract with a commitment to results. The scope of the contract covers the architecture, the BIW (Body in White), all the bodywork equipment (technical and design parts) and part of the validation calculations.

This project calls on the expertise of all our collaborators.

The development stage took place on the Trappes site in association with Renault’s Technocentre, in close collaboration with SEGULA Spain’s teams, who were then responsible for the industrialisation phase in Palencia.

At the Trappes site, the Design, Painted Car Body & Powertrain, Body & Trims, Synthesis & Testing teams were heavily mobilized, with the support of SEGULA Spain and SEGULA Romania.

At the end of July 2020, the teams finalized the restyling of the Megane and the PHEV Hatchback version.

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These projects have now been transferred to the serial life department in Spain, for which SEGULA Spain is in charge.

The PHEV Sedan version is still under development.

Many thanks to all the collaborators from various backgrounds, Trappes, Romania and Spain, involved in this project!

Thank you for your adaptability, your mobilization and your team spirit.

This success once again illustrates SEGULA Technologies’ world-renowned expertise in automotive engineering and confirms the close relationship that has existed between Renault and SEGULA for several years.