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Press Releases 17.04.2024
SEGULA Technologies intensifies its footprint in Canada and starts up its tooling and automation activities

• Having enjoyed very strong growth in North America over the past year, engineering group SEGULA Technologies is streamlining its structure in Canada to support the development of its activities.
• By strenghtening its organisation dedicated to manufacturing engineering and automation, SEGULA Technologies will especially support aerospace, bus, car and rail manufacturers.
• Overall 300 positions are currently open in Ontario, Toronto and Montréal and SEGULA Canada plans to hire 500 people by the end of 2025.

In the context of increasing demand and rising investment in the electric vehicle market and aerospace manufacturing ramp-up, global engineering group SEGULA Technologies is strengthening its presence in Canada to support the exponential growth of its activities, especially in the provinces of Quebec and Ontario.

After launching in the US a Tooling Automation Systems division dedicated to the automation of production lines in North America, SEGULA Technologies is now starting this activity in Canada for a major aerospace player. The Group has strengthened its manufacturing engineering organisation in Canada with a new organisation aiming at delivering new significant projects for aerospace and automotive customers and at catering the needs of local and international industrial players from the sustainable mobility sector like rail, bus or electric car manufacturers.

So far SEGULA Technologies Canada has experienced significant success in its product development activities, and we are increasingly undertaking projects in the field of manufacturing engineering and automation. In order to be more effective, we have decided to leverage on our European expertise in manufacturing engineering and to strengthen our local organisation with experts and project managers, with the aim to create 150 jobs in the next three years. We are primarily focusing on aerospace and automotive but are considering any industry interested in improving its efficiency. We look forward to further advancing these initiatives and making a positive impact on the communities we serve.” – Yann Favier, CEO of SEGULA Technologies Canada



A key player in the development of sustainable mobilty

Established in Canada since 2017, the Group has already been working alongside renowned industrial partners from different sectors including rail, automotive, bus, aerospace, energy and naval.

SEGULA Technologies Canada provides essential technical and human resources for the development and commissioning of urban rail transport, notably alongside Alstom. The Group is involved in rail infrastructure projects such as the automated urban rail system REM in Montréal and the renovation of USRC (Union Station Rail Corridor).

In the electric mobility sector, SEGULA Technologies plays a key role in supporting major car and bus manufacturers and OEMs in vehicle design and product engineering, particularly in the current transition to electric vehicles. Ongoing projects include electromobility initiatives, such as the integration of battery packs into vehicles or the development of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).

In line with the shift towards less polluting vehicles, SEGULA Technologies Canada is also exploring alternative sources of energy such as hydrogen. In the framework of the “Hyer” project supported by the Canada-Germany Hydrogen Alliance and led by Pulsenics, SEGULA Technologies’ German and Canadian teams are working together with universities to develop the next generation of electrolysers.


500 positions by the end of 2025

SEGULA Technologies currently employs 200 persons in Ontario, Toronto and Montréal. To support its growth, SEGULA Canada plans to recruit around 500 engineers by the end of 2025 (including already 300 this year), especially engineers responsible for software and embedded systems, mechanical plastic engineers, process engineers, manufacturing engineers and data scientists.




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