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Press Releases 21.10.2020
French national grand prize for engineering : SEGULA Technologies’ REMORA project (offshore energy storage) rewarded

As part of the French national engineering grand prize (GPNI – « Grand Prix National de l’Ingénierie »), the global engineering group SEGULA Technologies has just won the Industry and technology consulting prize for its REMORA project.

REMORA is a forward-looking solution for the development of renewable energies. It enables energy to be stored under the sea using compressed air and fed back into the grid with high efficiency.

Paris, 16 October 2020

In 2015, SEGULA Technologies patented the REMORA technology, a non-polluting solution for the massive storage of energy at sea using compressed air to guarantee the continuous availability of electricity, and began to design the installation to exploit this technology. A new stage in this project was reached last June with the successful completion of the first operational tests of a land-based prototype called ODySEA.

Candidate for the GPNI (French Grand prize for Engineering) 2020, the REMORA project ticked all the boxes for a new distinction, according to the criteria evaluated by the jury. These were: the innovation deployed, the multidisciplinary nature of the project team, the technical and economic contribution of engineering, the integration of sustainable development components, and the fact that the project contributes to the revival of a resilient economy.

In awarding the Industry and Technology Consulting Prize to the SEGULA teams, the jury rewarded in particular the very high technical sophistication of the project, which is the result of several theses, and its highly innovative nature.

While the land-based prototype is working, the next stage of the REMORA project aims to build a sea-based demonstrator, Seamac, for which the Group is currently looking for industrial partners.

With this award, REMORA technology once again demonstrates its qualities as an innovative, easy to implement and low environmental impact solution to meet the current and future challenges of the energy transition. SEGULA Technologies thus confirms, in the evolution of its various projects, its commitment to sustainable innovation.

SEGULA is a group that invests a lot in innovation and has a culture and management that encourages boldness to go further, to test new things and apply them on a larger scale. A state of mind that allows us to be at the cutting edge of technology! » underlines Jean-Luc Baraffe, Director of Research and Innovation at SEGULA”.

Noteworthy is the regular recognition of the quality of the projects carried out by SEGULA Technologies, which in 2020 won its 3rd GPNI Industry and Technology Consulting Prize, after those obtained in 2018 for its Hagora Pulse concept car and in 2011 for the development of the electric wheelchair.Whing (Wheelchair Initiative New Generation).


Watch the video of the REMORA project

(Illustration @Sarah Bastin)


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