SEVIAS, a virtual reality solution for the acceleration of industrial design projects

- The global engineering group SEGULA Technologies launches its latest innovation: SEVIAS, a virtual reality solution to support decision making in industrial design projects.

- By digitising the models, SEVIAS saves months of work, significantly reduces the project budget and improves performance and energy efficiency.

Paris, 24 November 2020 – SEGULA Technologies has just developed a virtual reality solution for industrial design decision-makers, to enable them to track accurately the perceived quality at each stage of their projects. Called SEVIAS (“SEGULA Virtual Assessment”), this solution promises to revolutionise industrial design, particularly in terms of time and money savings, and performance improvements and by eventually making the creation of a physical model – which is generally time-consuming to produce and costly to transport – a mere option.

Thanks to the creation of a digital twin and 3D immersion, SEVIAS allows users to realistically visualise a 3D virtual model, to interact with it by affixing stickers to questionable areas or changing style elements such as colours or materials, and instantly generate reports on desired elements and project progress.

The solution offers multiple benefits: real-time visualisation of the project’s progress, ability to make comparisons thanks to a before/after mode and to make multiple quotations, much more realistic perception than on a computer screen, better environmental efficiency thanks to experience sharing without the need to transport the physical model, generation of robust data that will facilitate decision-making and the smooth running of the project…

In the automotive sector in particular, where the sticker session on real model requires more than a month of work, the virtual realisation of this stage with SEVIAS takes only a few hours, for a budget 10 to 20 times less.

In addition to the software tool, SEGULA’s experts provide support, making SEVIAS a global decision support solution.

To design this solution, SEGULA Technologies drew on its digital expertise and the international experience of its Technicon Design studios, whose engineers and designers develop the designs of the world’s leading automotive, aerospace and railroad manufacturers. The Group also benefits from recognised expertise in virtual reality and in-depth knowledge of industrial processes.

Already deployed in a major French automotive group, but also within SEGULA for its aeronautics activities, the SEVIAS solution is modular and can be adapted to all industrial sectors (automotive, rail, aeronautics, naval, luxury, medical…), and used by different professions (designers, engineers, colour and material specialists, ergonomists, UX managers, marketing teams…).

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