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News 07.06.2022
Spain: two wind farms go into operation thanks to SEGULA

As part of a framework contract with the energy operator EDPR, a world leader in renewable energies, SEGULA Technologies has participated in the construction and commissioning of two wind farms in Spain: Piedrahita and El Castillo, located on the border between the provinces of Zaragoza and Teruel.


A technological challenge

Due to their location in mountainous areas, the construction of these farms represented a major challenge due to the complexity of the geomorphology and the logistics that had to be carried out via unconventional access routes. Despite this, SEGULA successfully completed the project in just one year, working closely with CRC, General Electric, Cobra and Siemsa.


A project managed from A to Z

With its extensive experience in the management of renewable energy projects, SEGULA took charge of the entire project, from the detailed analysis of the documentation to the monitoring and supervision of the construction work, including the coordination of technical assistance, health and safety for all projects associated with the construction of these two wind farms – all in compliance with EDPR’s deadlines and quality requirements.


Amongst the main elements of the project, SEGULA has built:

  • The Piedrahita wind farm (Loscos, Teruel province). This 19.8 MW wind farm consists of five wind turbines: four of them GE 137 with 4,030 kW HH111.5 m (limited to 4,000 KW each) and one GE 137 with 3,800 kW HH110m. The wind farm was powered up on 27 March.
  • The El Castillo wind farm (Fombuena and Luesma (Zaragoza), Lanzuela and Bádenas (Teruel)). This wind farm has a capacity of 25.2 MW, and consists of seven GE 137 model wind turbines of 4,030 kW (limited to 3,600 kW each). The wind farm was powered up on 29 March and is already in operation.
  • Two medium-voltage (30 kV) overhead and underground lines to evacuate the electricity generated in these two farms to the Pedregales transformer substation
  • A 9km high voltage overhead line (220 kV) between Pedregales and the Cañaseca substation from where, in turn, the energy is transported to the Muniesa connection point via an existing line.


In the near future, SEGULA Technologies will carry out photovoltaic projects for EDPR.