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Testimony 10.11.2023
“We will be deploying our nuclear expertise abroad over the next few years”

Faced with the economic and environmental challenges facing players in the energy sector, the nuclear industry is currently benefiting from a fair wind. Nuclear energy expert Mohamed Karcouche looks at SEGULA Technologies' strengths and prospects in this market.

What does the nuclear energy market represent for SEGULA Technologies today?


With more than 300 employees who are nuclear experts and several decades of experience in this market, SEGULA Technologies is a historic and key player in nuclear engineering in France. Our teams work directly in the power plants, providing the technical added value that is essential for our customers. We can be involved in both one-off projects and long-term assignments. Our assignments cover the various links in the nuclear power plant design and operation chain: design, manufacture, construction, commissioning and operational monitoring. Our relationships with clients such as EDF, Framatome and Orano are based on transparency, quality and respect for procedures. Ultimately, this approach enables us to be responsive and close to their needs. In fact, I tend to say that we see ourselves more as a partner than simply a supplier to our customers.


How are you going to support the growth of this energy in the future?


The current economic and international crisis has highlighted the advantages of nuclear energy. I’m thinking in particular of its ability to produce constant electricity, its low greenhouse gas emissions, its role in economic sovereignty and its controlled cost. Today, nuclear power also seems to be a form of energy that is well accepted by the public and by governments. So we need to support its development by preparing for tomorrow’s nuclear energy today. Our experts in the field are interested in emerging technologies such as fusion energy (ITER). We plan to play a key role in its development and we already have assignments underway for clients pioneering this new form of nuclear power. Although we are not yet working on the creation of small modular reactors (SMRs), this is another approach that we intend to support in the future. Finally, our ambition is also to deploy our energy internationally. At present, we are mainly present in France, but we are planning to deploy our nuclear expertise abroad in the next few years.