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We are constantly developing our offer to meet the ever more demanding requirements of the big names in Aerospace and Defence.

Context and challenges

The Airbus Group has been working hand in hand with SEGULA Technologies at its Montoir de Bretagne site for almost 30 years, and has just signed a new contract for a further 5 years.

Airbus Atlantic’s 2,500 employees work on the production lines for A320, A330, A400 M and A350 series aircraft. They need experienced teams to take care of the finishing touches and remaining work on these aircraft, in the event of breakage, design updates, optimisation or delays, in order to secure deliveries.

With this in mind, 230 SEGULA Technologies employees are on site as back-up. SEGULA Technologies is France’s leading provider of services for these large-scale aeronautical missions, deploying a very high level of business expertise across a broad range of skills.


The issues

  • The Airbus group needs extra teams to carry out the remaining work on its aircraft production lines.
  • Airbus was looking for an agile team with extensive experience in a wide range of skills (drilling, changing frames, aircraft skins, etc.), with unfailing responsiveness, stringent safety requirements and the ability to assemble a complete aircraft.
  • This team of service providers must be based on site, present 6 days a week, to intervene in record time.

"SEGULA Technologies is quite unique in that it has been able to assemble a team that is constantly on the go, and with such a high level of expertise in its field. For us, the pressure is at its highest when the aircraft is at the end of production and just a few hours away from delivery, because breakage can happen at any time. That's what we do every day. But it's also a unique opportunity to be able to work on these projects in a situation of shared pressure and enthusiasm. I'm proud of that! "

Kévin Guérif – Director of the North branch at SEGULA Technologies Aerospace.

Our missions

  • Preparing work schedules, ensuring that all the technical operating documentation is available, with a list of all the parts and processes for the remaining work on the aircraft.
  • In assembly, on simple paint touch-up jobs, changing fasteners or straightening panels, and on complex jobs such as changing frames, fitting series or window frames…
  • Supervision of the remaining work by SEGULA Technologies’ Aircraft Managers.
  • Quality control and inspection at every stage: receipt of parts, installation by teams, etc. in accordance with specifications.


Key figures

27 years of cooperation

230 employees at the Airbus Atlantic Montoir-de-Bretagne site, 300 in all (including off-site and international deployments)

6 days a week, 24 hours a day


Benefits for the customer

  • A high level of specific expertise on the part of 230 employees, with 54 specially qualified processes to carry out the remaining work while meeting exceptional criteria.
  • Support from a multi-skilled, multi-tasking, multi-programme team.
  • Exceptional responsiveness and agility 6 days a week.
  • Indicators that are all close to excellence: OQD (activity tasks), QGH (aircraft completeness level), etc.