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Engineering & Testing

Antenna tests

State of the art antenna laboratory for vehicles ans components

With our new antenna test laboratory – a completely reflection-free room – we cover the entire range of modern antenna tests for vehicles and components.

This laboratory ensures the effectiveness and correct setup of the wireless communication world, which includes mobile radio, including 5G, W-LAN, FM, DAB, Bluetooth, GPS and many others. With a hall size of 10.5m high, 14m wide and 12m deep, the facility offers space for simulated far-field measurements of all vehicle models and components. Part of our offer is the antenna engineering competence of our measurement and test engineers who support our customers in the creation of test procedures, the construction of test set-ups, in troubleshooting or optimisation.

In addition, at the test centre operated by SEGULA Technologies in Rodgau-Dudenhofen, just 30 km away from Frankfurt Airport, direct far-field measurements and a wide variety of use cases can be developed and tested in a private 5G network – all within a real, secure and reliable environment.



Geometric dimension oft he measuring chamber

  • Interior dimensions of the chamber
    height: 10,5m / width: 14m / depth: 12m
  • Sliding gate for loading
    height: 4m / width: 4m
  • Test object dimensions maximum
    length: 6,2m / width: 2,5m / height: 3m
  • Test object mass maximum 3500kg



Measurement system

  • Measurement of all national and international bands within the frequency range such as FM, DAB, GSM, UMTS, LTE, 5G (passive), GPS, Era-Glonass, Galileo
  • Frequency range 70MHz to 6GHz (Extension of the systems to
    10GHz possible)
  • Typical dynamic range
    70dB, from 3GHz at 60dB
  • Antenna arc 5m inner radius, azimuth
    0° – 360°, resolution 0.1° /
    elevation +/- 110°
  • Number of measuring probes:
    07GHz – 0.4GHz 22 + 1 reference channel 0.4GHz – 6GHz 101/111 + 1 reference channel


Measuring possibilities

  • Antenna boost
  • Directivity
  • Stream width
  • Cross-polar discrimination
  • Side lobe level
  • 1D-, 2D and 3D-radiation
    in each polarisation
    (linear and circular)
  • Antenna efficiency
  • Antenna diversity