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Energy transition

5 major challenges to which SEGULA contributes in order to access competitive decarbonised energy

Major international agreements, citizen mobilisations, local regulations… For all economic players, the energy transition is no longer just a subject for reflection, but a priority for action! What remains to be done is to invent production and organisational models that are compatible with this new environmental situation. This is an ambition that drives SEGULA Technologies teams through the management of projects targeting several key issues in the energy transition.

Issue 1: Facilitate the industrialisation of decarbonised energy

In order to provide access to a more virtuous energy, which remains economically
competitive, the energy sector (equipment manufacturers, producers, developers, etc.) must
now take a further step in terms of industrialisation. In other words, energy companies must
demonstrate that decarbonised energies now represent a credible and massive alternative
to traditional energies. Faced with this challenge of scaling up, the players in the sector can
count on the experience and expertise of SEGULA Technologies teams. How can I improve
my production capacity? What logistics chain should I put in place? How do I get my teams
to work? What is the right Time To Market? These are all questions that our teams are used
to answering and which correspond precisely to the current demands of the energy sector.
Not forgetting the technological bridges that are being created between our traditional
markets (automotive, aeronautics, etc.) and the energy world (batteries, circular economy,



Issue 2: Meeting expectations in terms of energy availability

Transforming the energy mix to make it less carbon intensive is not only a question of will or
financial investment. For the energy producer, it is also necessary to create the technical
conditions that guarantee the energy availability required by its customers (electricity,
heating, transport, etc.). This is a major difficulty in the case of intermittent sources such as
wind or solar power. To avoid any deterioration in service quality, SEGULA Technologies
offers its clients anticipation methods and impact studies aimed at guaranteeing that the
new energy mix will offer the same level of availability and security as the current one. These
include RAMS (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety) studies, which specifically
target the maintainability and availability of production sites.



Issue 3: Helping the transformation of production assets

The transformation of production assets into new, greener activities is another major
challenge for energy players. This is the case, for example, of former refineries whose
polluting installations could find a new life through the production of green energy, biofuels
or hydrogen. This transformation effort also concerns energy sites that already provide
renewable production but are technologically outdated. Hundred-year-old hydroelectric
dams or first-generation wind turbines need to be updated to bring them up to current
standards of efficiency and competitiveness. SEGULA Technologies teams can also
contribute their expertise to these transformation projects.



Issue 4: Accelerate the digitalisation of the sector

In order to "decarbonise", the energy sector cannot do without an in-depth digitalisation of
its installations and methods. While this effort has already been undertaken by many players
in the sector, certain recent technologies should enable the movement to be accelerated
further. By equipping themselves with connectivity solutions (sensors, monitoring, etc.) or
by using digital technologies such as BIM or 3D scanning, energy companies can improve the
efficiency of their production or distribution sites, implement preventive maintenance of
their facilities and, more broadly, reduce their operating costs. As specialists in the
digitalisation of the industry, our teams have the tools and a wealth of experience that will
enable large energy companies to deploy such solutions quickly and effectively.



Issue 5: Disseminate innovation for the benefit of all energies

A passion for innovation is the DNA of SEGULA Technologies. The energy sector is obviously
no exception to this rule. Our teams are mobilised to help our clients progress by offering
them the latest technological advances adapted to their business. This is particularly the
case for new players in the energy transition (wind, solar, etc.), to whom we offer innovative
solutions to improve their competitiveness. But also for historical companies of the sector
(nuclear, gas…) that we advise on tools and technologies offering a better “sustainability”.
Finally, how can we not mention the subject of hydrogen. Long considered a distant
promise, this energy source now represents a real market segment. We support its
emergence through innovation projects in the field of mobility, but also through the design
and deployment of high capacity electrolysers.