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A truck that adapts to its load and its environment


Project owner
  • SEGULA Technologies
Areas of Expertise
  • Mechanical design, hydraulic, numerical calculation in statics

A truck that adapts to its load and its environment

In France, 75% of the transport of goods is carried out by lorries, with a high environmental impact as a result. Trucks of different lengths are used to travel in cities or on highways, forcing the transfer of goods from one vehicle to another on the outskirts of urban centres.

The aim is to reduce energy consumption and the emission of pollutants from freight transport. To achieve this, SEGULA proposes a flexible truck whose structure is adapted to its cargos and delivery locations, thus limiting the transhipment of goods. The truck’s chassis is removed. Its function is then integrated into the load compartment and other vehicle components (cab, engine, etc.).

Each vehicle combines three reversible configurations depending on the area of use and its load: long-haul truck with trailer for the highway, single vehicle for deliveries in town and compact when empty.

Project profit
Modular and lightweight transport solutions with a low ecological impact. Reduction of nuisances and operating costs linked to the transport of goods.

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