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On-board load and stability calculator


Project owner
  • SEGULA Technologies
Areas of Expertise
  • Naval architecture, Stability, Software engineering

On-board load and stability calculator

The loading of ships must comply with the stability criteria defined by the International Maritime Organisation, but also the proper distribution of stresses on the ship’s structure.

STABILOAD is a modular and connected on-board load and stability calculator. It allows the simulation of the ship’s equilibrium and the resistance of the structure, as well as the verification of stability criteria.

It performs stability calculations in an intact state, but also after damage (IACS type 2, 3 and 4), with calculations of the moment of the free surface of liquid hulls and the resistance of the structure. STABILOAD simulates flooding suits while being connected to the ship’s sensors. It has a return to port after damage module (SRTP).

Project profit
Improved safety, quick completion of the loading plan (remote gauging, connection to ferry booking services), decision support in the event of damage, customisable software and load optimisation modules.

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