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Ingenious Employee 02.10.2020
Ingenious Employee: Andrejs Afanasjevs – Technical Leader in automotive sector

My work experiences at SEGULA Technologies Russia

I have worked at SEGULA Technologies since 2016, first as a geometry-engineer, upon the recommendation of a former colleague. Then, I held the position of components localisation manager for PCMA (Peugeot Citroën Mitsubishi Automobiles) Russia.

 My role

Creating work-package RFQs (Request for Quotation) for the client and presentations (specifications for technical components, adaptation for the Russian marketplace).

After receiving confirmation from the client, we present a complete evaluation and adjust the project with the supplier (PSMA).

After the supplier’s appointment to the project, we monitor the terms and dates across all stages, from PPAP (interaction with the supplier before serial production) until SOP (project handover/transfer to serial life).

I worked on the localization of the following vehicle components: radiators, capacitors, compressors, air coolers for turbines, fan motors, cooling component assemblies.

I was also responsible for the following components: stabilizers, springs for shock absorbers, drawers for tools.

From 2018, I worked on another project. The first four months involved working on interior parts (dashboard, cross car beam, seats, carpet, roof headliner, glass) and safety parts like safety belts and airbags. I still work here now. Currently, I am responsible for radiators, pedals, protective thermo-screens for the exhaust system, engine vibration pads, air coolers for turbines.

My achievements

My top success was working on the van and minivan project. We successfully cooperated with the team and managed the goals for the percentage of localization and achieved the objectives required. As a result, we received great feedback and praise from our supplier.

My training

I graduated from Latvian Maritime Academy, specialising in the mechanics of marine and power installations. After graduation, I worked as a marine engineer and dealt with vessel repairs and provided a service for additional components: pumps, metal pots, electric motors, gas generators.

My passions and my leitmotiv

I am proud of my family; they are my inspiration and they motivate me to progress. I love spending my free time with my family, walking and travelling. I like riding on my motorbike. Sometimes, I take a ride with my friends along the sea or forest paths. I repair my motorbike myself.

My future goals

Due to the current situation, I think we (humans) should reject or avoid overconsumption. Meaning, for example, reducing the use of plastic packaging petrochemicals. We should adopt a more eco-friendly attitude by using more bio-oil in the future to preserve our environment and our planet.

The best thing about SEGULA

For sure, SEGULA is a place where you can be independent and work with hard-working colleagues. You have the opportunity to work remotely and organise your own working space. Keep in mind, the greater freedom offered is your responsibility, which means only you are responsible for your achievements.