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Ingenious Employee 14.09.2021
Darshan D.- Automotive Engineer

Darshan D.- Automotive Engineer

My philosophy:

Being down earth having gratitude towards life, living each moment, smiling, and constantly evolving.


My role at SEGULA Technologies:

As a senior engineer, I work in the field of vehicle planning and architecture. I am involved in the design and development of automotive systems and sub-systems. This includes the integration of the various mechanical, electromechanical, engine bay and underbody components according to the standards of respective engineering rules.

In addition to this, I am responsible for providing technical support, bringing innovative and cost effective ideas to our client at every stage of the project from concept to design and manufacture.


Professional experience:

In total I have 7 years of experience in automotive engineering, design and development. During this time I have had the opportunity to work with SEGULA and to be assigned to a client, where I have gained a lot of knowledge on various commodities and where the level of engineering skills has gone from beginner to expert. Self-analysis always builds confidence and I have always sought to do my best in everything I have undertaken. I know that I am a brand ambassador as I am assigned to the client, so I do my best to represent SEGULA.



I hold Bachelor of Engineering degree in Mechanical Engineering, and graduated from the Visveswaraya University of Technology in Belgium.

I have been trained on many CAD tools like Catia V6 and Siemens NX, Hypermesh, Ansys.

I have also been trained on Agile, Jira, PYTHON and ADAS basics.


My best project:

In fact, I would name three!

  • The RENAULT’s Light commercial Vehicle, packaging of underbody components for different diversities of vehicle with different length and load conditions, and with different powertrains like Conventional and Electric
  • The RENAULT’s B segment hybrid Electric vehicle Architecture for Engine bay integration, where I faced and learned many challenges though I had a
  • The NISSAN’s B segment Hybrid Electric vehicle, which was very new concept compared to the Conventional vehicle


My greatest passion:

  • Travelling around and finding the unexplored places, Hiking and trekking
  • Going on a long drive
  • To have my own Customization Cars and Bikes
  • Exploring new things in Renewable energy sources


My biggest dream:

Complicated to have only one…

  • Travel the world
  • Drive Exotic cars and super bikes
  • To have a Garage for customizations of my vehicles as I want
  • To have a great professional growth and Position


The + at SEGULA:

SEGULA is a great organisation for learning and growing together, where we have the opportunity to meet people from different organisations, ethnicities and cultures from all over the world, which helps in personality development.