Ingenious Employee

Maria Joao Carneiro Simoes – HR Manager


My Motto

I believe that everyone must find their motto in life according to experiences, personal history, people you meet and the situations that we all get through. Our motto must be aligned with our desires, our beliefs, with the direction we want to follow and with our willingness to contribute individually to a certain area, on a personal or professional level.

Of course, at certain times, when we need to be more focused or when we really want to achieve a goal, there are phrases or thoughts that arise naturally, and which allow us to gain strength to achieve what we really want.

One of the phrases I heard in The Lion King movie, that still makes a lot of sense for me was “To get what you want, you must look beyond what you see”. I also remember, frequently, a phrase I heard in a lecture on personal development “The real transformation begins with a lump in the throat”. Those two phrases, especially the last one, still make sense to me and help me, to focus on what really matters.

Finally, I will give a sentence that a psychology teacher said to me, in a specific situation in my life, and that I still share with colleagues, friends, family and all the people I meet along the way: “Do yourself a favor and be happy”.

 My Role at SEGULA Technologies

My main function at SEGULA is Talent Acquisition Specialist. I don’t only perform recruitment and selection but I also have the opportunity to execute other diversified activities within the Human Resources area, like:

  • Managing personal and professional situations related to SEGULA employees and employees working at our clients.
  • On boarding and integration of employees in the company.
  • Participation in job fairs and other events representing SEGULA Technologies in Portugal.
  • Doing tasks about labor relations, management of medical examinations.
  • Creation, management and updating of internal databases, among other things.

 My Work Experience

When I was a little girl I said: “I want to be a Doctor or Psychologist”. One day, I had to decide what I wanted to do for the “rest of my life”, so I decided to follow the Psychology area.

After completing 5 years of study, I started my professional career at Renault in Portugal where I did my curricular internship. With this experience, I had the opportunity to learn how a Human Resources department works and all that entails. I also had the opportunity to acquire knowledge in the area of career management and salary processing.

Later, I worked in the sales area where I acquired several skills, such as stress management, time management, and communication skills.

After this experience, I had the opportunity to do my professional internship for the Order of Psychologists where I carried out Clinical Psychology activities, following some clinical cases, coaching activities and career management.

I also had the opportunity to work in a temporary work company where I acquired more knowledge in recruitment and selection processes, monitoring and retaining a portfolio of existing customers, monitoring and managing employees, legalizing the employment situation of employees through the management of employment contracts …

Afterwards I started my duties at SEGULA Technologies in Portugal, January 2017, where I have the opportunity to learn continuously more, improving and developing my skills and knowledge.

My Training

In addition to the degree in Psychology and Master in Work and Organizational Psychology, I have done training in clinical psychology, in the area of Clinical Sexology and Associated Therapies, I also had training in Leadership and in Coaching.

As a means of personal enrichment, outside of work, I carry out training according to my wishes, interests and needs. In my free time, I help teenagers by giving them tools to better deal with stress, anxiety, time management and other issues, and also encouraging them to practice mindfulness every day.

My Greatest Projects

The best projects were all those that allowed me to acquire skills, knowledge and which added value to myself and also to the company, in order to be more pro-active, autonomous and effective in the tasks that I was responsible for, along with my professional career.
Most of these projects were related to the contact with people inside and outside the organization, managing their relationships between them and the organization; In contact with customers from various areas and with different needs. All these projects consist in challenging and finding new ways of learning and improvement.

My Greatest Passions

Besides my family and friends whom always put first, one of my greatest passions is to study and understand human behavior in various contexts and situations, whether positive or less positive and figure out how can I help them to be better personally and professionally.

My Greatest Dreams

I have several dreams and I wish that most of them were based on experiences. I think that experiences bring us greater well-being in the long run than the happiness of material goods. The latter is a momentary happiness, it is of short duration, the experiences go with us over time!

I have already managed to achieve some, others are yet to be realized and the probability of not achieving others, is high!

I would like to get to know several countries and new cultures that allow me to have a broader view, other points of view in order to be able to make my way of life more just, simple and functional. I would like to have an experience of volunteering in a disadvantaged country amongst children so that I can promote them feeling good experiences and provide them happy moments. Another dream that I would like to see realized is the change in the global thinking and mentalities of humanity, so that we can have a fairer world and with equal opportunities for everybody. I would like to watch the sunrise and the sunset on top of a mountain above 5000m altitude.

In short, I would like to have a range of varied experiences and goals accomplished, in order to be able to share them with other people and motivate them to live life in the best possible way and make it the best and greatest adventure ever!

The best thing at SEGULA Technologies

The experience at SEGULA Technologies is being very positive and interesting due to the fact that I had the opportunity to start working at SEGULA since the company started in Portugal! It has been a journey of great challenges, changes, patience and resilience, but at the same time, I have gained a lot of knowledge, skills that allows me to grow at all levels. I’m extremely lucky and I’m grateful to all the people who work directly with me, for the good environment that we managed to keep all together and for the support given along this road. I hope that I can continue to be part of this team and continue to grow, professionally and personally, as I have been doing.