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Press Releases 20.04.2023
SEGULA Technologies and REV Mobilities join forces to develop retrofitted vehicles

- The global engineering group SEGULA Technologies and REV Mobilities, a French pioneer in retrofitting, have announced their cooperation on the conversion of some twenty models of thermal vehicles into electric vehicles.

- The two companies aim to work together to create electric vehicles that are more economical, more environmentally friendly and as safe as new vehicles.

As part of a circular economy dynamic, retrofitting consists of transforming thermal vehicles into electric vehicles, making it possible to reduce the consumption of new materials and save 66% of greenhouse gases1. In France, this market was created in 2020 and the sector is currently being structured.  


In line with its commitment to the decarbonisation of the mobility industry, SEGULA Technologies has been building relationships for several years with numerous economic players involved in these transformations, whether they be start-ups, manufacturers or institutions. 


On 19 April 2023, SEGULA Technologies and REV Mobilities, a pioneer in the retrofit field, signed a contract committing them to work together for five years to develop retrofits for some twenty vehicle models: initially, seven converted vehicles (six commercial vehicles and one vintage vehicle) will be approved and placed on the market, before being extended to 20 models.  


This close collaboration concerns cars of all types and makes, covering the segments proposed by REV Mobilities for their light vehicles: vintage cars and commercial vehicles initially, followed by mass-market passenger vehicles.  


SEGULA and REV Mobilities are combining their expertise to standardise the powertrain as much as possible, which will enable the development of larger-scale solutions and thus ultimately reduce the cost of retrofitting. Design and production will take place in France. 


« We are delighted to work with REV Mobilities on this project, which will contribute to the electrification of the vehicle fleet and increase the lifespan of vehicles. This is a strong commitment by our Group to sustainable development.»   – Roberto Vieira, Automotive Director, SEGULA Technologies France 


« We are very pleased to enter into this partnership with SEGULA Technologies to develop a multi-segment, multi-brand retrofit range with a view to industrial-scale deployment. By working together, we are providing a qualitative and affordable response to offer environmentally friendly vehicles. We see this offer as complementary to those of the manufacturers, whom we see as partners.»  Arnaud Pigounides, REV Mobilities CEO. 


In the coming months, the technical teams at SEGULA Technologies and REV Mobilities will be working together to ensure a rapid time-to-market in order to meet the high demand for retrofits. 


¹ For a city car, comparedto the conservation of a thermal vehicle (source: ADEME)


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