Ingenious Employee

Ingenious Employee: Philip Balogh-Delisle


Ingenious Employee: Philip Balogh-Delisle, Project Manager

“Difficult roads always lead to beautiful destinations” – Zig Ziglar


1/ My role at SEGULA Technologies

I am a Project Lead working on the powertrain unit for new Volvo electric city buses. I assure quality and verify that customer requirements are met. I also manage a small team of designers. Other tasks are attributed to me as they come. These tasks can range from simulations to physical testing to dealing with customers. This role is perfect for a young bachelor in engineering such as myself because it allows me to deal with many facets of engineering.

2/ Work experience

After my graduation, at the end of 2015, I took a year off to travel the world. Afterwards, I joined a small company called OASIS Alignment Services where I was a metrologist specialized in laser tracking technologies. I would also manage projects when it was required. In autumn of 2018, I joined SEGULA Technologies Canada to work with Volvo on implementing electronic devices on public buses. In March 2019 I joined the powertrain team, which is my current position.

3/ Training

I graduated from Sherbrooke University with a bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering oriented towards aerodynamics.  During my studies I had two four-month internships with Pratt & Whitney, one with Glencore mining company and one with Olin Corporation. I also participated in student designed autonomous aircraft competitions.

4/ My greatest project

During my career as a metrologist at OASIS, I was tasked with managing an important project. The project was about the refurbishing of a pulp press for Cascades Tissue Group in Candiac. I was to do the reverse engineering of the machine, designing new components with adjustable features, planning the schedule, dealing with the suppliers as well as managing the workers, the tooling and performing the metrology work. I was therefore tasked with wearing many hats for a project well over my experience level. I was very happy when, even with a day of delay and some unplanned surprises, Cascades contacted us the next year for a similar project.

5/ My greatest passion

Travelling is my greatest passion: I love discovering new cultures, new people and finding myself in unknown and surprisingly beautiful regions. I’ve already travelled through South East Asia, including a good part of China. I’ve also been to Australia, France, Belgium, England and Spain. For work and leisure I’ve seen good parts of North America; from the cold Nunavut to the beautiful Aztec pyramids in Mexico, I have seen a lot. I very much enjoy hiking, rock climbing and pretty much anything having to do with the great outdoors.

6/ My greatest dreams

I would like to pursue my career at SEGULA to develop my technical skills as well as my soft skills. I wish to realise larger and more complex projects as my experience grows. I enjoy working on environmentally friendly projects. I like the idea of creating a better world for generations to come. Leaving a positive footprint on the world. Pursuing a career in electrical transportation is therefore a proper career path for me. I also enjoy selling dreams to others; making people more passionate about their work and their lives. I believe I would enjoy becoming a branch or regional manager.

7/ The plus at SEGULA Technologies

SEGULA is a great company to work for, mostly because of the incredible opportunities it offers to its employees. The range and diversity of projects that can be worked on is stunning. The fact that there are so many locations and fields that are accessible in a single company is what makes SEGULA Technologies unique. I was also lucky enough to be given a project that uses all of my skills and a project that I am passionate about. Also, considering that the Canadian territory is so new, it is always interesting to hear about the expansion plans; seeing how they evolve and adapt to the market is truly insightful.