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Ingenious Employee 29.10.2021

Ingenious employee: Quentin P., Business Unit & Engineering Manager

My philosophy:

Without hesitation, it consists in always choosing between two paths, the one that seems to be the most difficult.

The principle itself may seem rather trivial, but I firmly believe in the capacity of man to sublimate himself when pushed out of his comfort zone, to progress personally, and to advance the community at the same time.


My role at SEGULA Technologies:

I have been in charge of the business unit of Montoir-de-Bretagne since 2019. I manage several multidisciplinary teams, which work on fixed-price projects. The maturity of these projects may differ depending on the client’s needs (feasibility studies, preliminary or detailed design, turnkey projects).

Our areas of expertise are varied, ranging from process calculations to layout, including structural/civil engineering studies, electricity, instrumentation, automation or programming, but also mechanical design. We operate in various fields of activity (carbon and renewable energies, aeronautics, food processing, etc.) and are convinced of the added value of this diversity in the analysis of our clients’ needs. Of course, this also requires great agility and adaptability, but this is part of the DNA that characterises an evolving business unit.

Professional experience:

After an apprenticeship during which I worked on the FEED of the Kaombo project (FPSO to Angola), I had several successive experiences in the nuclear industry, which allowed me to further define my professional profile.

First, as a commissioning engineer, then as a project engineer in industrial piping and HVAC within the ENGIE group. Wishing to focus my career on developing the human potential of companies, I accepted the opportunity to join the Montoir business unit.


I started my studies with a DUT in Mechanical and Production Engineering, which gave me an operational vision of the technical career I was just starting to develop.

I also have a degree in mechanical engineering from the Arts & Métiers school, where I acquired expertise in management and project management. I then completed this academic training with a master’s degree specialising in energy and processes at the IFP School in Rueil Malmaison.

Finally, I followed a nuclear training programme at ENGIE, which enabled me to complete the overall vision I wanted to acquire of the challenges of the energy transition.

My best project:

I am not the kind of person wich look back on what has been achieved, except to learn from it. I also consider that the ‘best projects’ for my generation are yet to come; starting with the challenge of taking up the energy transition, accompanying the profound changes in the world of work and in the relationships between the people who shape it.

More specifically, I am convinced that these challenges will lead to a rationalisation of flows and a redistribution of economic power relations. This will necessarily involve a reindustrialisation of Europe, which is still moribund in this aspect today.

In the context of the business unit for which I work, this means capitalising on the know-how of the employees, passing on knowledge through the integration of the younger generations, and above all adopting a collective strategic projection.

In the absence of an industrial plan that is sufficiently ambitious to face the challenges ahead, engineers have a duty to embody this will to transform the legacy that is being prepared for future generations. I intend to be part of it!

My greatest passion:

First of all, I would say rugby.

More generally, I have an interest in everything that relates to human relationships. I have only one ambition, which is to be for others the manager I wish for myself. A person who is at the same time and alternately a coach, a mentor, a counsellor… Empathetic therefore, but also demanding when the comfort zone is too crowded.

To accompany the above-mentioned transformations in the world of work, we will have a constant need for managers who are driven by the human factor, but who are also clear-sighted and consistent. Parity in management positions is part of the equation, but that’s another debate

Your biggest dream:

One day I will be able to look back on “my most beautiful projects” with a sense of accomplishment. At that point I will have, I hope, fulfilled my second mantra:

The happiest man is the one who makes more others happy. (Denis Diderot).

The + at SEGULA:

Despite the size of the Group, I would say the entrepreneurial spirit that takes precedence over individual initiative. These aspects are, in my opinion, essential for the durability and competitiveness of an organisation, especially in the challenging and volatile context mentioned above.