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Testimony 23.12.2022
Ingenious Employee: Rizu Koley, Industrial Designer

My philosophy


I firmly believe that the world must become simpler. As a designer, it’s our job to simplify the complicated and make it accessible to everyone.


My role at SEGULA Technologies


I have been an Industrial Designer at Technicon Design (the SEGULA Group’s Industrial Design brand) since June 2022, initially as a freelancer before officially joining SEGULA in June 2022. My mission is to deliver the highest quality design solutions with our design team.


My greatest passion


Having grown up in a family of art lovers and artists, I find my greatest passion in the same universe.


My professional experiences


I have done internships in the industrial design sector at Style and Design and Rusak Creactive Designworks.
At Style and Design, I had my first experience in the world of automotive design and also made interiors in aeronautics. I was also able to work on product design.
At Rusak Creactive Designworks, I was able to work with the designer Serge Rusak. With him, we created different types of products for clients in the automotive design sector, luxury design and even furniture design.
Finally, I worked as a freelancer for various companies – including car body kits and design solutions.


My biggest dream


I am passionate about my job and I am keen to meet talented people, to expand my portfolio to extremely unexpected subjects and to learn new skills.
My biggest dream is to travel the world and discover different cultures.


My course


I started my studies at DSKIC, a design school in India. I then moved to France to complete my Masters at ISD Rubika in Valenciennes as an Industrial Designer.


My favourite project


I have had the opportunity to work on several different projects at SEGULA.
My favourite project is the BMW i Vision. In this project, I took the approach from A to Z. I spent months going into every detail of the car and designing it from scratch. This includes the interior, exterior and even the functionality of the car. I also focused on the concept of the car and made sure it told a compelling story to anyone who wanted to take on the project.
The project attracted media attention in the form of articles by yanko and several other design journals.


Why SEGULA Technologies ?


At Technicon Design, I not only get to work with extremely talented designers, but also with people from other areas of the automotive world. This makes a huge difference to my experience, as I always have more to learn.