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Testimony 05.11.2021
Maxime KAYSER presents his sectoral mobility (automotive to rail)

What is your career path?

“I joined the SEGULA Group in December 2019 as Assistant Project Manager in the automotive department of Brognard.
Initially, my role was to modernise the project’s general management chart and to manage the indicators with the teams involved, and then, in a second phase, to manage the intake meetings with our client PSA.
As the project was coming to the end, I had the opportunity to continue in August 2020 within the automotive department as Performance & Reporting Manager for the bodywork branch. My role was to lead the performance on a progress contract and to deploy the new organisation on the branch.
My second assignment came to the end due to the pandemic, and I then had the opportunity to get another position within SEGULA and to discover another industrial sector, the rail.”


Tell us about your new position within SEGULA?

“I’m currently Assistant Manager of the Mulhouse Design Office in the rail sector. My role is to delegate to my manager a multitude of technical and administrative activities. My main activity is to ensure the follow-up of our project to develop an engine test bench, from design to commissioning, and including the consultation and follow-up of suppliers for Alstom.”


How did this sector mobility go?

“Everything went very well. I was well supported by the HR team; the Mulhouse teams gave me a warm welcome and my manager did everything possible to ensure that I fit in as well as possible. I am delighted to have taken this opportunity, which has enabled me to move into a sector other than the automotive industry.”


What did it bring you?

“This internal mobility has allowed me to discover the railway sector, to join a complex project, with a new immersion in the technical side as well as an additional experience in project management that I particularly appreciate. I’m really enjoying my new job and my new sector of activity.”


What advice would you give to your colleagues?

“You shouldn’t be afraid to change your habits, your job and your sector of activity. You always benefit from discovering new horizons. You have to be able to get out of your comfort zone and be flexible.”


The Plus at SEGULA Technologies

“SEGULA Technologies is a global engineering group that offers the opportunity to work in a wide variety of industrial sectors: automotive, aerospace, energy, rail, naval, pharmaceutical and oil and gas. It’s an opportunity to move from one sector to another.”