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Press Releases 06.07.2021
MIKAJAKI reinvents ophthalmic diagnosis with SEGULA Technologies

MIKAJAKI reinvents ophthalmic diagnosis with SEGULA Technologies

  • The startup MIKAJAKI has designed EyeLib™, an automated ophthalmological analysis station that enables advanced, fast and very comprehensive diagnoses through the use of artificial intelligence and robotics.
  • Through its HeXplora startup hub, the SEGULA Technologies group is supporting MIKAJAKI in the design and engineering of a 2.0 version of EyeLib™ in order to make the model more accessible and industrializable.
  • EyeLib™ is already winning over ophthalmology practices in many countries; its industrial-scale deployment is planned for 2022.


Paris, July 6, 2021

Swiss startup and ophthalmology expert, MIKAJAKI is teaming up this summer with engineering group SEGULA Technologies to develop the first operational series of EyeLib™, an innovative automated diagnostic station that promises to revolutionize the management of the growing number of patients with vision disorders.

Combining artificial intelligence and robotics, EyeLib™ allows for rapid, fully automated advanced and comprehensive ophthalmological diagnoses and consequent referrals to the appropriate specialists. The device is presented as a mobile station that is automatically adjustable to different morphologies. After answering an online questionnaire through a virtual agent (chatbot) driven by artificial intelligence, the patient benefits from a rapid succession of opto-electronic measurements of the eye. In a few minutes, EyeLib™ analyses around 100 objective parameters and generates a detailed report that also includes highly detailed imaging of the eye’s anatomical and optical structures. These results are then combined with the subjective data collected by the questionnaire, to generate a comprehensive pre-diagnosis by means of several artificial intelligence algorithms.

While the very first prototypes of the EyeLib™ cabins are already in place in Nantes and Paris, and MIKAJAKI is already registering some twenty pre-orders in several European countries, SEGULA Technologies is bringing its experience as an industrial engineer to the startup to currently assist in the design of the commercial machine. The EyeLib™ is easy to industrialize, fast and accessible to people of all sizes, as well as to wheelchair users. Several SEGULA teams are working on the project, which requires skills in industrial design and automation.

Stéphane Parpinelli, Open Innovation Director at SEGULA: “We are delighted to be able to provide our expertise to a leading startup like MIKAJAKI in the study and production of the first series of its EyeLib™ station, which represents a real breakthrough for the medical world. This collaboration highlights the ability of our HeXplora startup hub to support, in a relationship of mutual trust, young innovative companies in the prototyping and industrialization of their products thanks to the mobilization and agility of SEGULA’s various pools of experts.”

Michael Assouline, co-founder and medical director at MIKAJAKI: “In less than two and a half years, we have been able to complete the prototype development phase and create an innovative process to generate an intelligent report of great medical value. We see this as a revolutionary solution to the problem of the shortage of ophthalmologists in France and worldwide. We hope that this cooperation will enable us to make our vision a concrete reality, widely distributed throughout the world.”

Jacky Hochner, co-founder and CEO at MIKAJAKI: “This success is the result of two years of in-depth reflection with Dr. Assouline on the harmonious integration of new technologies in the medical process. This has been possible thanks to the dedication of our team of engineers and the support of our investors, 60% of whom are big names in French and Swiss ophthalmology. To fulfill our backorders and scale up, we are extremely excited to partner with SEGULA. Their experience in robotics, design and manufacturing will provide a high level of scalability and help position the company for commercial success.”


MIKAJAKI reinvents ophthalmic diagnosis with SEGULA Technologies (PDF)
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