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Press Releases 07.02.2020
SEGULA Technologies expects to recruit 5,000 people worldwide this year

• SEGULA Technologies will recruit 5,000 people across all industrial sectors in more than 30 countries this year.

• These forecasts are in line with the group’s international growth with 50% of turnover now generated outside of France.

Paris, 6 February 2019 – In order to support its growth and its customers’s, the SEGULA Technologies engineering group expects to recruit 5,000 qualified engineers and technicians worldwide in 2020.

Operating in more than 30 countries, with 140 offices worldwide, SEGULA Technologies has currently 13,000 employees (6,700 in France and 6,300 internationally) in the major industrial sectors: automotive, naval, rail, aerospace, defence, energy, and Oil and Gas.

The Group, which now generates half of its turnover outside of France, plans to recruit 2,000 qualified engineers and technicians in France and 3,000 abroad this year, particularly in Brazil, Spain, the United States, India, Italy and Sweden.

SEGULA is mainly looking for project managers and engineers specialising in mechanics and electronics.

This recruitment drive is also in line with the current trend of industrial transformation which reflects changes in society: digitalisation, environmental priorities, development of new mobility solutions, and so on. SEGULA Technologies supports these trends by developing solutions at the cutting edge of innovation and training its engineers in key skills to shape the world of tomorrow.

“Recruiting so many qualified profiles in such a stretched and innovative sector as engineering is a constant challenge for our teams of recruiters,” explains Laurent Germain, General Manager of SEGULA Technologies. “Fortunately we have significant assets to attract candidates such as the prospect of working on varied and large-scale projects, fantastic career opportunities and the possibility to work in over 30 countries. As well as technical skills, we are looking above all for candidates who are curious and keen to take on responsibility”.



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