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News 14.09.2022
SEGULA accelerates its presence in the Middle East

SEGULA accelerates its presence in the Middle East

As part of completion of the construction of the Barakah nuclear power plant (Abu Dhabi), SEGULA will be visiting the site on 20 and 21 September for the “E-Fusion” (Emirati French Industrial Supply Chain Initiative for Nuclear) summit alongside the French professional delegation led by Business France and GIFEN. Among other things, the aim will be to study the needs of the Barakah power station in terms of operation and maintenance.


This project is part of the Group’s strategy to establish a presence in the Middle East, with the aim of supporting local and international manufacturers in various sectors.  Other projects are being studied in the region in the aerospace and defence, automotive, oil and gas, renewable energy and hydrogen sectors.


SEGULA is already present in the Middle East, supporting players in the oil and gas sector in their engineering studies and field service needs. By expanding in this region, the Group aims to bring its engineering know-how to local and international players in the context of industrial development defined by long-term government strategies.