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Press Releases 10.02.2017
SEGULA Technologies: 4500 new hires planned worldwide in 2017

SEGULA Technologies, engineering group helping boost competitiveness within all of the major industrial sectors, is continuing its strong growth.
In 2017, it plans to hire 4500 new employees, mainly Engineers and Technicians, in all sectors where it supports the big names of Industry: Automotive, Aerospace, Energy, Rail, Naval, and Oil & Gas.

In France, where Segula Technologies is present in all regions in order to be closer to its clients, the Group plans to hire 2200 new employees, half of whom will be recent graduates.

In particular, Segula Technologies is seeking Project Managers, Pilot Project Engineers, Design Engineers, Design Technicians, General Installation Project Designers, Unit Directors, Business Engineers…

More than 250 work placements will also be offered, particularly on exciting Research and Innovation projects: renewable energies, connected vehicles, industrial drones, augmented reality… Segula Technologies conducts over 180 Research projects annually.

Internationally, the Group is continuing its deployment and is now present in 26 countries. It plans to recruit 2300 new employees, particularly in the Americas zone (>400 hires) and Asia/Middle East (>500 hires), as well as in Spain (600 hires); and in Italy, Sweden, Germany, Turkey, England, the Netherlands, etc.

Again this year, several large career events are planned, to give future talents an introduction to the group, through original and friendly operations. To keep your eye on very soon!


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