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Press Releases 16.09.2020
SEGULA Technologies drives connectivity forward with its Digital Lab

• With its new Digital Lab, SEGULA Technologies is bolstering its connectivity offering for all industrial sectors.

• The Digital Lab focuses on the Human Machine Interface (HMI), User Experience and Interface (UX/UI), Connectivity and Big Data – four areas in which SEGULA’s integrated expertise in design and engineering makes the difference.

• SEGULA’s Digital Lab is split over two hubs, one in Shanghai and the other in Shenzhen.

Paris/Shanghai 15 September 2020 – SEGULA technologies, a global engineering group, has just launched its Digital Lab, a new centre of excellence dedicated to connectivity and set to benefit clients across all sectors.

The lab focuses on the Human-Machine Interface (HMI), user experience (UX), user interface (UI) and Big Data – four areas that are crucial for the development of the Internet of Things and for mobility of the future.

With the aim of making driving safer, more intuitive and more comfortable in the future, SEGULA is working on user experiences and connectivity features that meet emotional and practical needs: tools for easily adapting vehicles to different body shapes, voice-activated driving systems, safety detection, car entertainment, etc.

Developing these features requires significant expertise in industrial design, augmented reality, holographic projection, laser sensors, data science and virtual reality. The Group has been working on these different technologies for years and the Digital lab bolsters its global offering by combining SEGULA’s engineering and design competences. SEGULA can rely on the 40 years of expertise that its design brand Technicon Design has acquired and on the technical skills of its high-level engineers working at the cutting-edge of new technologies.

SEGULA Technologies supports the transport sector, which has been using software and its interfaces for a long time. We therefore have many years of experience in integration: creating HMIs, hardware connection, data access and so on”, emphasises Federico Vigano, CEO of SEGULA Technologies Greater China.

The Digital Lab’s aim is to serve industrial clients from all over the world – not only from the automotive sector. With the development of the Internet of Things, connectivity will become a ubiquitous feature of everyday life (connected mobility, home automation…), and SEGULA has been developing cross-sectorial skills that can benefit a wide range of industrial companies.

The Digital lab is based in China, where SEGULA Technologies has more than 500 employees in offices at four sites in Wuhan, Shenzhen, Chongqing and Shanghai, where it opened a new Technicon Design studio last year.


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