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SEGULA Technologies provides companies in the Aviation, Space and Defence sectors with product and process engineering solutions, as well as the associated production and support activities through SIMRA, one of the Group's subsidiaries.

The Group's range of products and services covers a number of complementary business segments:

  • Aeronautical and industrial engineering: the Group looks after general project management or works on specific projects relating to design, calculation or materials and tools expertise.
  • Basic parts and assembly: through its boilerwork expertise division in St Nazaire and its expertise in the assembly of large sub-assemblies, its control expertise in Poissy, and its low-cost positioning in Morocco and Romania, SIMRA provides the aerospace industry with basic parts and complex airframe sub-assemblies. The latter are fully coordinated (comprehensive subcontracting of production).
  • Customer service: The Group works on customer premises, calling upon teams worldwide to provide support for finishing, repair, replacement, maintenance and other operations.
  • Upon request, the teams combine design, operational, quality and certification expertise for the whole scope in question.
  • Supply Chain: careful coordination of its Supply Chain and management of the different configurations enable the Group to offer globalised services, at a lower cost for the customer.
  • Equipment: SIMRA designs and produces equipment (assembly line, complex tooling) for various industrial customers and offers maintenance of these products downstream.


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