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Filtration of aqueous effluents by microorganisms


Project owner
  • SEGULA Technologies
  • MAP Laboratory M2E Team (INSA LYON)
Areas of Expertise
  • Waste recovery, Depollution, Microbiology, Biotechnologies

Filtration of aqueous effluents by microorganisms

During the various industrial processes, the effluents  are treated and then injected back into the process or directly into nature. As regulatory requirements are becoming stricter, it is therefore necessary to improve the filtration of these effluents.

The objective of the BIOFILTRATION project is to develop a new method of effluent treatment. It consists in using the natural capacity of some microorganisms to fix a large variety of inorganic and organic molecules (metals, oxides, radioelements…).

SEGULA Technologies studies the diversity of microorganisms that can purify effluents. The Group determines the microorganism and  treatment process best suited to the industrial problem.

This new filtration process is adaptable to high temperatures, high pressures and a high radioactive environment.

Project profit
Development of filtration processes specific to each industrial problem. Reduction of costs and treatment time. Filtration of effluents that cannot be treated with current processes. Possible recovery of inorganic and organic pollutants and revalorization.

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