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Optimisation of an innovative cardiac implant using digital simulation


Project owner
  • UTC BMBI Laboratory
  • SATT Lutech, Hospital Henri Mondor, SEGULA Technologies
Areas of Expertise
  • Numerical fluid/structure simulation

Optimisation of an innovative cardiac implant using digital simulation

The mitral valve located between the atrium and the ventricle of the left heart can present pathologies leading to regurgitation or leakage upon closure and a high mortality risk for patients over 65 years of age. The effectiveness of existing repair devices is insufficient. A new percutaneous repair implant will allow patients to be treated with a minimally invasive surgical technique. SEGULA is working with the BMBI laboratory at the UTC to develop this innovative implant device.

The project focuses on the development of a numerical methodology to model the dynamics of a mitral valve and to predict its behaviour in healthy and pathological cases. The objective is to model the effect of the positioning of the repair implant and to measure its performance on the functioning valve.

SEGULA Technologies has developed a parametric geometric modelling technique for the mitral valve that allows the model to be adapted to each patient and implemented in the calculation software. The numerical simulation of the fluid/structure interaction of the pathological mitral valve with its repair allows the effectiveness of the new device to be evaluated.

Project profit
To have a digital simulation tool that can be customised to each patient, allowing the design of the implant to be optimised and its functioning to be validated with regard to biomedical standards.

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