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Alexandre Becque – Naval Key Sector Manager



Alexandre Becque – Naval Key Sector Manager

My philosophy

When I joined the French Navy and went to the Naval School in 2005, the commanding officer of the school that welcomed us said: “you only get one opportunity to make a good first impression”.

I have kept in my mind this sentence as a leitmotiv because it accurately reflects what is at stake in a first exchange, whether it is physical, by e-mail or by telephone, in life as well as in my work as a salesman.

I would also add the famous “customer first”, which is essential when you do business, and which you sometimes tend to forget when you are bound by operational or internal constraints.


My role at SEGULA Technologies

My role as KSM (Key Sector Manager) naval is to coordinate the commercial actions carried out locally in the divisions by the division directors, business unit managers and business engineers.

Together with the Director of the naval activity, we draw up and keep up to date a commercial plan, which I am in charge of implementing and monitoring the progress regularly.

The naval sector at SEGULA is particularly dedicated to a large account which is our major client, but we also work with a multitude of smaller clients: shipyards, equipment manufacturers, shipowners and docks.

As a result of this structure, I am also responsible for the major key account. I therefore act as an interface with the main prescribers and the purchasing strategy department. I also have a role as a site or activity “opener”, always with the same client.

In addition, I’m leading the diversification towards other naval clients, notably through the development of of SEGULA’s naval design office, whose vocation is to produce fixed-price studies in the back office. In this context, my background as a project manager in the naval sector allows me to conquer new clients and above all to propose offers at the technical level expected for this type of high value-added service.

I therefore carry out prospecting in the sectors to be developed, before handing over to my colleagues for commercial follow-up. Finally, I help to improve the quality of our offers in strategic or new sectors, because offers are the first vision that clients have of SEGULA, and because “you only get one chance to make a good first impression! ».

Finally, I represent the naval sector within the Group and provide support in the development actions carried out in the naval sector for export. I was thus able to exchange with our colleagues from Romania, Brazil, Australia, Spain, Japan, China, etc…


My work experience

My background is deeply rooted in the naval environment.

After a brief period as a chief of the watch officer in the French Navy, I really started my career in the design office of CATANA, a shipyard that builds cruising catamarans in the South of France.

I then joined d2m Ingénierie, an independent engineering office serving the main clients in the maritime sector: civil, military, offshore oil and gas, marine energies. I started out as a project engineer and then project manager, and then moved on to commercial functions, taking charge of the development of the “naval defence” sector, and then of all the sectors addressed by this company.

This is where I built up both my technical knowledge and my network, which I have been putting at the service of SEGULA since my arrival in January 2018.


My training

After a preparatory class in Toulouse, I was able to join the Ecole Centrale de Lyon, a general engineering school well known in the automotive industry in particular.

But for me, it was the sea and boats that made me passionate. So I went to finish my training with a Master of Science in Maritime Engineering, a double degree at the University of Southampton (UK).

There I acquired the precise technical basics that enabled me to start studying naval architecture and the design of ships and their systems.


My greatest projects

Since my arrival, we have had a number of successes within the naval branch: reopening sites, opening and developing activities, and improving our customers’ confidence.

Among them, I would mention the referencing and the subsequent start-up of design and structural and hull calculation activities for our main client. That was precisely why I came to SEGULA: we had the skills in the industry, but we needed to promote them to our major account. Thanks to everyone’s efforts, we were able to gain the customer’s trust and be referenced in this activity.

Today, it is still a growing business and we have recently had very positive feedback on the quality of our calculations and our involvement in the programs. I would therefore like to take this opportunity to congratulate and thank the operational teams who have contributed to this success!


My greatest passions

The sea and everything related to it of course!

I’ve always lived close to the sea, I’ve worked in the maritime world, and I’m also passionate about water sports and sailing, which I’ve been practising on cruises and in competition since I was a child.

It’s a very good school of humility and life in general with good values such as the need to anticipate and adapt, the solidarity of sea people, and finally the notion of preserving the environment.


The best thing at SEGULA

SEGULA offers a very wide range of trades and tools, which is always an advantage when doing prospective business.

On a more personal note, after three years at SEGULA, I am still surprised by the level of investment of my colleagues, whom I salute, and I appreciate this positive emulation which is pulling us upwards.

Finally, the international dimension of the Group has enabled me to exchange ideas with colleagues and clients from all over the world, and I like this openness and perspective.