Ingenious Employee

Ingenious Employee: Carolina Santos


Ingenious Employee: Carolina Santos - Translator / Interpreter / E-learning designer

“Everything you can imagine is real” – Pablo Picasso

1/ My role at SEGULA Technologies

I am currently a contractor for Alstom, and work with the design of e-learning modules. But originally I was hired as a translator and interpreter for the PRASA project Transfer of Technology.

2/ Work experience

I have been hired by Segula to work at Alstom Brazil at the end of 2016. Part of the job of a translator is understanding the subject before actually translating, therefore I ended up with some knowledge about train building processes.
Thanks to that, my colleague Gabriel Ruiz and I have been contacted by the Alstom central team to assist them developing e-learning online modules in order to ease the Transfer of Technology process and enhance the trainees’ knowledge on train building. Since then, we have been working on the design of e-learning trainings, from the script and drawings to the final product.

3/ Training

Officially, I have a B.a. on Translation and Interpretation. Extra officially, in my work as a translator, I learned many things from all documents I have translated, especially on mechanics and train building.

4/ My greatest project

I went to South Africa in order to develop e-learning content for the PRASA project. My colleague Gabriel Ruiz and I were challenged on developing the material from the very beginning (filming the assemblies and editing the videos) and teaching some trainees on how to do that. It was a great experience that allowed me to work with different people and get to know more about a different culture.

5/ My greatest passions

Reading! I never leave my home without a book nearby, be it a soft copy or a hard copy (usually a hard copy). I also love traveling and discovering new places.

6/ My greatest dreams

Professionally, I want to keep on working and learning at the same time. On e-learning and translation one can always learn new subjects from new areas of expertise, and get to know and work with a little bit of everything.
Personally, I would like to learn new languages, so I can read more books (of course!), travel to more places and communicate to more people.

7/ The Plus at SEGULA Technologies

In 2016, I chose to work at Segula Technologies because I was given the opportunity of doing something I love. Nowadays, I choose to carry on working with Segula because it gives me the opportunity of discovering everyday new things that I come to love.