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Solution for undersea compressed-air energy storage

A major challenge in management of intermittent renewable energies, energy storage ensures continuous availability of electricity.

Energy storage needs are becoming increasingly important due to the growing share of intermittent renewable energies in the energy mix.

Whether for cooling the compression system or maintaining air pressure, the marine environment has significant advantages when it comes to storing energy.

REMORA, the high-efficiency storage solution patented by SEGULA Technologies, is based on the principle of isothermal air compression and enables a sustainable supply of electricity. A revolution!



REMORA consists of a 15MW floating platform and underwater tanks with storage capacity of 90MWh. Its overall efficiency is 70%.

The platform compresses the outside air and keeps it under pressure in these underwater tanks which are then used to store energy.

As the solution is ideal for moderate depths (70 to 200 metres) it is particularly suitable for most of the world’s coastlines.



The ODySEA collaborative project led to the implementation of the first land-based Remora demonstrator in early 2020.

To achieve this, SEGULA joined forces with high-level technical partners such as Cetim, IMT Atlantique and Université de Nantes-IREENA. The ODySEA project is supported by ADEME and has a S2E2 Smart Electricity Cluster label.  As the first tests are conclusive, it validates the operating hypotheses of the REMORA solution.



SEGULA is now working on the development of SEAMAC, an offshore demonstrator of the REMORA solution. SEAMAC should be installed by 2023 in Nantes (France).

As part of the Grand Prix National de l’Ingénierie (GPNI) / French National Grand Prize organised by Syntec Ingénierie, SEGULA won the Industry and Technology Consulting prize with REMORA. Find out more and watch the video.


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A CENTRAL PILLAR IN THE ENERGY TRANSITION : • High-efficiency storage • Increased network flexibility • Synergy with marine energies.

A SOLUTION THAT IS SIMPLE TO IMPLEMENT : • Standard and robust technologies used • Installation in areas accessible by sea • Modular power and capacity according to needs.

TECHNOLOGY WITH LOW ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT : • Non-polluting process using air and water • Visually discreet • Completely motionless underwater equipment.
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